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Faction leader influence arbitrarily going up and down

KetermulsKetermuls Registered Users Posts: 11
When I hang my mouse over the faction influence symbol, I have no idea why influence will go up or down next turn. Case in point, When starting a game as Northymbre influence starts at 4, and will go up to 5 next turn with no reason why.


  • ExarchExarch Registered Users Posts: 588
    edited August 2018
    Did you get a +influence trait after beating the rebels? Or capture a settlement with an estate?

    The 'faction influence' is the same as your king's influence- you can see it on his character tab
  • KetermulsKetermuls Registered Users Posts: 11
    Start a game as northumbre, before fighting any rebels, and see that influence will go up to 4 next turn.
  • billybob1billybob1 Registered Users Posts: 44
    I haven't played as Northumbre, but do they have the burghal system?
    If so it can have an effect on the influence of the leader depending in if you are at war or not, the type of war, and the tax level. Might be affecting it.
  • KetermulsKetermuls Registered Users Posts: 11
    No they do not have the burghal system. just start up a northumbre game, go through the loading screens and see for yourself.
  • OlmizOlmiz Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 125
    I do not understand the burghal system. The king of Mercia decided to attack the little Gwyned to take their lands and give to own vassals. Gwyned is defenseless and will fall through several turnes. But because of the Burghal system, not Gwyned, but Mercia will fall through several turnes.Because of the attack, the loyalty of own vassals will fall sharply, they will start a civil war and in a few turns completely destroy Mercia Logic? Did not hear.
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