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Weird Map Glitch

davidshaw1213davidshaw1213 Posts: 1Registered Users
edited August 2018 in Gameplay Issues
Hey everyone,

So I'll try and be as brief as I can but there's something really weird going on with a custom battle map I was on.

I played a custom fight on a random, non-default map I picked and after the battle I knew it was one I wanted to keep. I mostly liked it because it had a small, but steep rocky hill on one side and I thought it was really interesting how the defending AI crowded around and used it in the fight. After the battle I immediately marked it as a favorite and carried on.

Later I went to play it again, literally picked the favorite marker on my map, but instead it started me in a totally different field that I had never played on before. The weirdest part was I could actually see the rocky hill I liked so much in the distance but it was off-map and I couldn't actually go to it. I tried reselecting, changing attacker direction, etc. but nothing seemed to work.

If you guys have any advice or tips on how to get back to that old place I'd really appreciate it. And thanks for putting up with the long post!
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