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Starting Food Too Tight For Some Factions

Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 23,936
Two factions, Northymbre and Dyflin start with so little food that you can't even recruit any additional units (or just one in Dyflin's case) in the beginning. It used to be that I could raise taxes temporarily to make some more units available but that food bonus was so heavily curtailed that this isn't an option any more either. I would suggest lowering the initial food cost somewhat.


  • tak22tak22 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,386
    based on this, and also some of the politics imbalances (where they're weighted toward the early game, making the start even harder, when the late game is what needs more difficulty), whether it might not be a good idea to bring back imperium? Obviously, in R2 and Attila, it was mainly to limit armies, which is done well enough by the new food mechanics in TOB, but it also had other bonuses and penalties tied to it. Bringing it back for diplo/politics penalties and maybe to scale food consumption a bit might help considerably.
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