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CeltiKs advanced AI mod is updated

blaatblaat Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3,153
hello guys

I like to let you know that CeltiKS advanced AI is updated for the lastest version of the game
here is the link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326805764&searchtext=AI

change log
- Mod updated to work with the latest version of the game (1.4.1) and the last DLC.
- Improved the "focus AI" system even more. The AI will shift between offense and defense depending on the situation but will really be focused in its tasks. Meaning no more armies going back and forth or standing idle for no reason like in vanilla.
- Improved the AI recruitment with additional custom templates for each race, each of them having variation and a bit of randomization for a total of a dozen different armies per race.
- Fixed Naggarythe and Avelorn AI unable to recruit the new Q&C DLC units.
- Tweaked the Wood Elves personalities. They will stay in Athel Loren... unless someone comes and mess with them. If that happens they will make the intruders pay.
- Improved the overall campaign balance.
- Improved some AI build orders.
- Improved some AI usage of spells and abilities.
- Improved AI choice of skills and agent usage (you should really be careful of enemy agents now

all credit belongs to @CeltiK

have fun guys


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