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Unit Upgrading broken

CONSINGCONSING Junior MemberPosts: 3Registered Users
edited August 2018 in Gameplay Issues
I've been playing an Alans campaign for a couple of hundred turns and I've realised that I am unable to recruit some of the top-tier units, namely the Grey Hairs (which are upgraded from Alani Horse Archers) and Elite Sarmatian Cataphracts (which are an upgrade from the Sarmatian Cataphracts).

I can recruit the former units up until I research the relevant technologies to upgrade them, and I can upgrade any of the former units to the Grey Hairs/Elite Cataphracts once I've researched, but it will no longer allow me to recruit them directly from buildings - whether I am migrating or settled.

So I went to investigate. In the building_units_allowed table neither Grey Hairs OR Elite Sarmatian Cataphracts are even listed as recruitable.

This seems utterly ridiculous? Why would units be upgraded to supposedly better units which are completely unobtainable in the game? Seems like a rush job to me.

I have a 200 turn campaign which has been effectively ruined as I no longer have access to ANY mounted archers outside of persian/steppe mercenaries (which is incredibly odd given the Alans fought with bows from horseback...) or affordable shock cavalry due to (what appears to be) a broken, probably rushed and untested game mechanic.

All in an effort to provide more what exactly? The mechanic itself doesn't really seem to make much sense to me.

Take the Sarmatian Cataphracts upgrading to the Elite version. I get the fact you'd need more technology to make them "elite", but why would that mean that the normal version are no longer recruitable after that?

In times where the treasury is tight surely you'd opt for the cheaper version? Why are we so restricted in what units we can recruit as we increase in technology - surely it should be the other way around?

Quick update - managed to put the units in myself.

Would still like to know why this seems to have been overlooked?

Or perhaps its meant to be that way for some unfathomable reason?

EDIT: Whilst I'm here actually, what is up in general with the Alans unit roster and recruitment? It just seems to have been completely botched. You can recruit the same unit from 3 different buildings in completely different chains, but some units that appear in the roster are completely unrecruitable?

It's like whoever was creating it just lost concentration and just threw units about wherever they fancied. Why can I recruit Sarmatian Band from 3 different buildings, but have to manually edit the files (potentially breaking my own game in the process) to introduce a useful unit, which was supposed to be included in a game I paid £30+ for from the outset?

I've been a pretty avid defender of Attila and most TW games, having played since Medieval 1, in spite of the amount of issues that the later titles have faced since release and the overwhelming amount of criticism due to the level of bugs that still exist in the games you guys charge almost 50 quid for, not including the DLC you pedal out like it somehow makes up for the constant and predictable bugs (the sole reason I have not yet bought Thrones of Britannia and have no intention of buying Three Kingdoms).

How about instead of the Desert Kingdoms DLC or the Langobards DLC or the whateveryouplantobringoutnextandchargeatennerforit DLC you actually take a look at the base game first and fix the very basic gameplay issues?
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