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Assorted feedback - Mostly campaign map and UI

ToasterfireToasterfire Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3
80+ turns into Meirce as part of the beta instead of doing revision and other things. I've got some thoughts.

Working out who will be **** by what estate giving is a bit unintuitive. As it stands the traits for stuff like "gets annoyed at young people getting estates -1 loyalty" appear to come up after a round of estate giving, whereas they'd be far more useful before-hand. They might want to be "inherent" traits.

Also current role desperately needs to be on the character profile screen somewhere, and/or the "estates" screen. The governor of my core province is more important to keep loyal than an outpost, or a general with only himself in the army.

Other than that really fun. There's many things that aren't specific to the beta patch which I love, I'm coming round to the idea of the big settlements having buildings that are mostly multipliers for villages rather than big money makers themselves but it does leave them a little less useful when you've not got a full province. I adore the way provinces/villages work at the moment.
I've also had a very satisfying civil war- my king came of age, my former regent got grumpy, I was able to secure the loyalty of a few key figures but the regent declared he was the rightful king and took a few governors with him, putting a massive thorn in my side as I was at war with someone else at the time. I was completely paralysed and everything had to grind to a halt as I dealt with it, and I remember thinking about the whole character interaction thing that "this is CK2-like", which is a compliment. The pop ups "this man thinks you're not fit to rule" or words to the effect need to have the specific person attached to it so I know who's leading the disloyal faction.

And finally, a completely unrealistic gripe that I do not expect to have any response about- no Æthelflæd! An understandable pity considering the way the family tree works and start date, she deserves the Cleopatra treatment. Perhaps she can be an event if you accept overlordship from West Seaxe that she will marry in to the family the next time your heir is unmarried and you're still a vassal/ally.

Ta, enjoying it a lot. Drop the price by a fiver or more and people will pick it up and love it.
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