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Bug or Bad luck? ... 3 rebellions on second turn...

BUG OR BAD LUCK? - [version 1.00 build 11956.1436036 Allegiance_1 beta 2, no mods]

Started my first game with the default proposed settings, normal difficulty, at West-Saex. I Got 3 out of 4 governors with a loyalty of 1. Second turn all three of them rebelled !!! The rebelling governors amassed 10 - 16 unit each (and grew every turn). I started with the two default armies with 5 -7 units.

Side note: my allies jumped in and started to fest upon the converted rebel villages, and occupied them for their own glory and country. Not much of an aid there. In the contrary, I could not recapture them, and lost them for good.

So, my first story with Total War Britannia was very short lived.

Was this just bad luck, or are the odds for revolts when loyalty gets blow 3 not correctly implemented?


  • Jack_Lusted_CAJack_Lusted_CA Creative Assembly Brighton, UKRegistered Users, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,383
    Are you sure you are not using any mods? On normal difficulty no general or governor for West Seaxe starts with 1 loyalty.
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  • InocybeInocybe Registered Users Posts: 154
    Losing in normal difficulty with west seax seems odd...
  • Yeol_the_ClumsyYeol_the_Clumsy Registered Users Posts: 9
    I've tried to reproduce the problem with 3 governors with loyalty 1 at the start of the campaign, but I never got it again. Always the same collection of governors with the same loyalty points (3 to 6).

    Some of the mods alter the starting loyalty numbers, but I never got the dramatic collection again. Also the difficulty level changes the loyalty numbers, but only very slightly. But on "normal" without mods I got always the same collection of loyalties.

    I restarted a new campaign more then 20 times, and loyalty kept being reasonable. I do not know what happened that first time. I can't reproduce it.

    So, the campaign start seems fine and stable. Sorry for the false alert.
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