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1020x1024 texture limit size on campaign or what?

phazer1980phazer1980 Registered Users Posts: 35
Dear CA or ANYONE who can assist.

In modding Rome 2 with some new textures I have hit a problem. How can I make a campaign map texture larger than 1024x1024 without them making "tiling" effects on the campaign map? (and these are textures that are "seamlessly tileable"/"tile safe textures") it works fine with 1024x1024 textures,, but I soon as I go up a VALID increment, say to 2048x2048 there is some BAD tiling on the campaign map. Is 1024x1024 a limit in software for the campaign map or what am I missing? I tried making the diffuse, normal, specular and gloss_map file the same size (and "seamlessly tileable"), but nothing works over 1024x1024 work.

Please assist?

Thanks in advance

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