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Medieval Kingdoms 1212: Second Bulgarian Tsardom

PladimirVutinPladimirVutin Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello guys! As you know the Bulgarian Tsardom was revamped and in some points it was changed entirely. The bolyars used to be heavy shock cav but now they are light missile cav.Foreign units were removed from the faction rooster except the Moldovan swordsmen. For me that was a mistake because Vlachs, Cumans and Tatars fought for the Tsardom in most of its battles in history. Bolyars cav was replaced with Despot's cav and for me these new guys are not that powerful as the old ones (bolyars). The morale is also terrible for lot of the units(I dont exactly remember how good the morale was in the old ones but I believe it was better was it?). So what do you guys think for the new rooster? Is it better than the old one and why?
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