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cuadracharlescuadracharles Registered Users Posts: 1
Dear CA,

Could you please answer my question? Is there any newly release/reproduced total war collection, the 6 games in one package? I would like to buy the physical copy of the game... It is consisted of 4 main games (RTW1, M2TW, ETW, and NapoleonTW) together with the 2 expansions namely RTW: BI and M2TW: Kingdoms. If it is now available please respond and let me know where can I buy it. I visited many online shops but they are all out of stock... Another thing, when I will purchase it. It is okay to install it into computer hard drive without using steam account or in offline mode? I just want to play Single Player mode/ offline mode. I read many rumors about purchasing the DVD type, it says that you have at least steam account to play it in offline. They also said that after you install it, there is 3-5 days limit in the offline mode, you must spend another effort likewise dollar in steam to run it offline forever and if you deactivate your account, all your games that are being registered are gone, spend another dollar.
Please make me clear about what is happening about steam and what DRM means. I really love your games especially RTW even though there are some glitches and crashes happened. I hope you all the best in making your game/s a worldwide trend. By the way, thank you for having some time reading my discussion! :):)

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