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[BUG] Political influence bug

K4mil#2928K4mil#2928 Registered Users Posts: 32
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During my gameplay with Rome in grand campaign I found out (after circa 100 turns) that there is impossible to increase political influence for me and houses of Cornelia and Junia. All performed promotions resulting in increasing political influence house of papiria. I almost sure that this problem didn't occure at the begining of the campaign so it had to change somehow during the game. What is important I am not only player who has encountered this bug - https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/224314/influence-and-senators - in this thread you can find screenshots taken by another player (attached to this post) which are really good ilustration for bug which I described. Eliminating house of papiria doesn't seem to solve the problem because its role of "almighty house" is taken by one of existing houses.

I didn't play the game after power and politics patch and before ancestral patch so I don't know which of them caused that problem.

It would be really great if you could fix this in the next update because its really ruins mid and late game.

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  • ca_dionissievca_dionissiev Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 178
    Hello @K4mil

    Thanks for the report and apologies for the long delay, was OoO for awhile.

    We will investigate what may be causing this behaviour and will try to find a solution, should we return to patching Rome II again.

    Thanks again! :)
    Ivan Dionisiev
    CA Sofia QA Team

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  • frantixz82frantixz82 Registered Users Posts: 1
    @CA_dionisiev I'd like to revive this thread as I just experienced the same issue in my vanilla Macedon campaign. It seems to be pretty widespread and if you'd ever consider another patch for Rome II (one can hope) this would be a good one to fix.

    Some other places on the web that are discussing the issue:


    It looks like after a certain point in a campaign (I only tested in grand campaign), only one political party gets rewarded influence for any actions taken. For me it happened to parties that split from my own (general decides to create his own party) I did a bit of experimentation and every time I promote any of my statesmen / wifes OR any of the *other* parties the influence gain goes to the one "bugged" party.

    I actually tricked the party into secession and the balance was slowly restoring itself until a few turns later another general decided to create his own party and influence was then accumulating for his party.
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    Been over a year. This is dead and will probably not be looked at by anyone but a forum Moderator. If you have an issue then I strongly suggest reporting it it through the Sega website.

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