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The Allegiance Update and Blood Pack are live!



  • TijuTiju TulifurdumRegistered Users Posts: 109
    Maybe I should seek professional psychologic help but the release of the bloodletting, dismembering and gutspilling DLC makes me want to buy the game. :)

    If only the units cards etc. were in a more realistic manner.
  • fabsleyfabsley Registered Users Posts: 21
    Hi CA,

    thanks for the update. I recently bought the game and have just one question: are u completely nuts? I started several campaigns as Gwined, and barely make it to turn 50 without EVERYONE (literally everyone, even allies) declaring war on me. I maintain good standing with factions, marry my daughters to them, take some of their daughters - should be hold for a while - right? WRONG! Sometimes war breaks out the exact turn after i arranged the marriage. Loading the auto save can help for a few turns.

    Also, my beloved ally Powis (i tested this 6 times) declares war right after my first turn (quite suicidal wars aswell), and very often another war a few turns after - sometimes even to factions not even close to us.. as if this one war wouldnt be enough (with mierce waiting at or inside the boarders already - which Powis doesnt seem to notice at all).

    All in all this seems extremely RNG based, as if there were dice cast each turn whether a neighbour/ally declares war on you or someone else. But hey, I can use google and look what i found: many players being incredibly sad about the following line from the last patch (and the reason for me writing here):

    "Added a chance for neighbouring AI factions to declare war on the player based on a number of factors."

    I'm not complaining about a game being too hard, I actually love a good challenge. I usually play on legendary, but since it is a new game i started on very hard. And i have no problem in finding myself at a spot where a campaign is lost. I restart it and try to make it better next time - make smarter decisions, try different strategies, etc. That is what makes TW games interesting for me. But this is pure madness. There is no reason or logic behind the AIs behavior, and I feel completely powerless, with quickloading as my only option and hope for next turn.

    I downloaded a mod that disables said script and gonna try another campaign. But I hope u guys realize how defeating of a verdict that is for you. Players have to cancel your attempts to make the game better, in order to make it playable again (not the first time in TW history, a mod has to repair the damage of a patch - but that patch came like 3 months ago). If you cant find other ways to make the game challenging (and I guess the game being too easy before the patch was an issue) than RNG wars, then you should not charge money for that game.
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