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Will there be change for 'Mycel Haeben Here' achievement?

RhoxOSRhoxOS Registered Users Posts: 31
Just noticed 'Mycel Haeben Here' description changed into something like this.

"Mycel Haeben Here - INACTIVE"

'This is a remnant of an achievement from the game at release, made obsolete by post-release updates. Former description: Playing as the Great Viking Army, complete the main campaign while keeping both the English and the Army happy at all times.'

Several other faction mechanism related achievements were also inactivated, but achievement other than 'Mycel Haeben Here' can be achieved by turning your game into 1.0 initial version via beta branch. However, 'Mycel Haeben Here' is special. It's one of the three bugged achievements which are 'Mycel Haeben Here', 'Keep Your Friends Close' and 'Under the Thumb' (by the way these two are still broken). Which means it can't be achieved by using beta branch and since it became obsoleted it has no hope of being fixed.

So, 'Mycel Haeben Here' was never obtainable unless you use SAM and are not likely to be fixed. Will there be some change for this achievement?

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