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Non aggression pacts counting towards vassals.

clee24clee24 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 78
Dear CA. Its been years with this diplomacy system. Wouldnt it make sense that a faction you have a non aggression pact with or "declaration of friendship" as you call it in this title, also covered your vassals? Is it really that hard to code this into the AI?


  • MarcerorMarceror Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 540
    Agreeing not to attack someone seems like an insufficient reason to allow someone to win the game. I doubt that it's hard to code this into the AI, but just because it isn't hard doesn't mean it's a good idea.

    This is not a troll post. Sometimes I make humorous posts. These forums desperately need a bit of humor to contrast all of the angst. Moderators, please do not ban me for making an innocent, humorous post every now and again.
  • clee24clee24 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 78
    edited August 2018
    I just dont see the reason for having vassals in the first place if the AI doesnt understand it. About difficulty: I never use vassals if i can help it, military allies or defensive alliance, because it works and vassals dont. You cant have relations with other factions if you have vassals, it makes little point anyway. It doesnt make it harder in my games, just makes the function useless. This in my opinion sucks because i actually like not "painting" the map with my faction in the traditional way like i have been doing for years now and it gets a little old.
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