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Just a few things I would like to see in this trilogy one day.

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Probably missed one or two things, though.

+Choosing your race, faction and the LL like it was done in Rome2 with cultures and factions instead of one long line of LL.
+Every armybook faction having at least 4 LL and 4 different starting position. Starting positions like Vampire Counts and Von Carsteins should be avoided if possible.
+Rework of older LL if difference between them and newer LL is too big.
+Recruitable Navies.
+Rework if needed and additional landmarks.
+Lore-wise rework of victory conditions for short campaign and short/long campaign will be decided the same page, we decide race/faction/LL and cannot be changed during campaign anymore.
+Expanding map of ME southwards to include Sudenburg and Oreons Archers in Southlands and Culchan Plains in Lustria.
+Game 3 expanding big map northwards to be able to march trough Chaos Wastes from Naggaroth to Old World. Expanding the big map eastwards to include Darklands, Mountains of Mourn, Ancient Giant Lands and western borders of Cathay. (As well as everything, that can be at least included partly but has not been named here.)

WH1: Empire, Greenskins, Dwarfs, Vampire Counts / Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen, Woodelves, Bretonnia, Norsca

+Adding settlements to the provinces until every faction has at least 3 settlements in their province.
+Rework of tech tree and mechanics as both have been done and have been done better by other factions. (3 techs per building is not enough anymore, research times are way too long and effects of empire offices are too small)
+Adding new mechanic either being tied to the various knightly orders or the inner politics of the empire.
+Adding Middenland with Boris Todbringer and Emil Valgeir as LL, Priest of Ulric and Seneschal of the White Wolf as heroes, Knights Panther, Teutogen Guard, Knights of the White Wolf, Huntsmen, Hunting Hounds, Wolf-kin and Middenland-themed RoR. All as unique to Middenland.
+Adding Wissenland with Elspeth van Draken as LL and with Master Engineer as hero .
+Adding Averland with Marius Leitdorf as LL and own set of special events to empathize with his madness instead of own units.
+Adding Wizard Lord and Grand Master as lords. Grand Master having special ability to convert into a member of a certain knightly order to gain same abilities units of this knightly order would have and gain upkeep reduction for said units.
+Adding Gold Wizard and Amethyst Wizard as hero and Celestial Hurricanum as unit.
+Adding more knightly orders if they can have unique abilities setting them apart from other knightly orders.

+Rework tech tree (learning by doing like giving new recruited Orc Boyz better ranks, once enough Orc Boyz have been recruited) and mechanics. (Bonus on certain stats and replenishment rate instead of ai-controlled army for the Whaaagh!)
+Adding a global Whaaagh-mechanic with various buffs and bonuses on units, settlements and more, depending on number of Whaaagh-armies.
+Moving Azhag to Red Eye Tribe in the north.
+Moving Grimgor to the Darklands, once WH3 has been released and moving Gorfang Rotgut to Black Crag and adding him as LL.
+Adding Grom the Paunch as LL on the settlement near Marienburg.
+Adding Savage Orc Warboss, (Savage) Orc Great Shaman and Golbin Great Shaman as lords.
+Adding Black Orc Bigboss (all about tanking) and Savage Orc Bigboss (all about smashing)
+Adding Orc Boyz with Spears, Black Orcs with Shields, Stone Trolls, River Trolls, Savage Orc Big Stabba, Savage Orc Morboyz, Snotlings, Snotling Pump Wagon, Goblin Spear Chukka, Mangler Squigs, Arachnok Flinger, Savage Giant (only for Savage Orcs), Feral Wyvern

+Reworking Book of Grudges to have global but temporary buffs as special reward, every time a certain amount of grudges has been settled.
+Adding Dragon Slayer as hero
+Adding King Kazador and Thorek Ironbrow for Karak Azul as LL.

Vampire Counts:
+Splitting Vampire Counts according to bloodlines (Von Carstein, Lahmia, Blood Dragon, Necrarch and Strigoi). Every bloodline having own starting position, strengths and weaknesses and at least 1 LL.
+Reworking tech tree according to bloodlines as well.
+Adding Blessed Spawnings from Lizardmen to Vampire Counts (like Dwarfs got Mortuary Cult from Tomb Kings)

Warriors of Chaos:
See Chaos below

+Reworking brayherds like the Whaagh.
+Changing herdstones. One per province, being a heavily defended T3 settlement from the get go, instead of current herdstone which would still be used in the other settlements but looking all the same for enemies, with special buildings to support armies and ability to dedicate them to one of the four gods. On special (loreful) places, ability to upgrade them to heavily defended T5 settlement with further support for armies and bonus levels and bonus units to new recruited lords. Army can stay within a herdstone like a normal settlement but with no penalty for bestial rage. Normal recruitment would still come mostly through the army itself.
+Every LL as sub-faction of the race Beastmen.
+Adding Ghorros Warhoof and Taurox the Brass Bull as LL
+Adding Great Bray Shaman as lord
+Adding Wargor as hero
+Adding Ghorgon, Tuskgor Chariot and Preyton as units.
+Adding god-aligned units.

+Reworking the amber mechanic (growing per round and having total amount and current amount where units lowering current amount, researches lowering total amount and Oak of Ages needing total amount to unlock new level but effects not working if total amount should be lowered beyond that needed amount)
+Reworking outposts to allow them to be upgraded once.
+Adding Araloth (Champion of Ariel) and Naieth (Caster) as LL

+Unique confederation mechanic, depending solely on amount of chivalry (increasing for each new confederation) and researched tech.
+Adding Bohemond Beastslayer as LL

+Adding a monstrous-like lord.

WH2: Dark Elves, High Elves, Skaven, Lizardmen / Tomb Kings, Southern Realms, Araby, Vampire Coast, Amazons

Dark Elves:
+Adding Malus Darkblade and Lokir Fellhart (turning into a fully-functional black arc while being on sea) as LL
+Adding High Beastmaster as lord
+Adding Bloodwrack Medusa and Bloodwrack Shrine as units.

High Elves:
+Adding Eltharion the Grim as LL.
+Adding Archmage as lord
+Adding White Lion Chariot and Lothern Skycutter as unit.

+Adding Thanquol with Boneripper, Ikkit Claw and Throt the Unclean as LL.
+Adding Skreech Verminking as LL and Verminlord as lord, once game 3 has been released.
+Adding Giant Rats, Ratling Gun, Warplock Jezzails, Wolf Rats and Doom Flyers as units.

+Adding Tehenhauin in Itza and Nakai in Albion as LL
+Adding Ripperdactyl Riders, Salamander, Razordons and Engine of the Gods as units.
+Feral Cold Ones being recruitable for campaign.

Tomb Kings:
+Adding Lich High Priest as lord

Southern Realms:
+Borgio the Besieger, Lucrecia Belladonna (both in Tilea), Aranessa Saltsprite (in Sartosa) and Fernando Pirazzo (New World Colonies) as LL.

+2 LL, one starting in Fyrus, the other one in El-Kalabad

Vampire Coast:
+Luther Harkon, starting on land and Count Noctillus, starting on sea, bit away from Vampire Coast

+LL: Mother Samantha, starting on added Amazon Island and Anaconda, starting somewhere in Culchan Plains. (army-wise like BM or WE but with less monsters/cavalry and morale like dwarfs or better)

WH3: Demons of Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs, Ogre Kingdoms, Kislev / Cathay, Norse Dwarfs, Hobgoblin Khanate, Hung and Kurgan

Chaos(more about mechanics instead of LL):
+Demons of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos as races on their own with sub-faction dedicated to the god or being undivided.
+Tech tree for both races is splitt into 4 branches to represent the four gods.
+WoC tech tree: First research of each branch allows recruitment of themed-units and to give god-specific mark but is blocked at first. There would be also special endgame researches for each branch which allows your lords to became demon princes after a certain level.
(Example: Valkia the Bloody has first research of khorne-branch already researched from the beginning and can recruit khorne-themed units and give Mark of Khorne but cannot do so for Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh, until she has beaten specific god-dedicated WoC into loyalty, defeated or confederated them which does also allow recruitment of LL, lords and heroes. In that case, you could not turn lords of the other three gods into princes but only lords of khorne.)
+WoC Undivided can research all four branches and all special endgame research but has no research done from the beginning.
+WoC having WE-like fortresses only in chaos wastes and can build weaker version of it in certain places like Altdorf or Karaz-a-Karak. This weaker fortresses can have the blessing one of the four gods to give buffs and bonuses on recruited units and garrisons.
+WoC Undivided are the only ones who can choose the blessing freely from the beginning.
+DoC tech tree: No locked techs but doing research in one branch would increase research time in other branches, this is depending on rivalry between gods.
+DoC would not start in Chaos Wastes but rather in certain places(5 places for aligned DoC and Undivided) all over the map. As special mechanic, DoC could choose from which place the start from. (Rather a corrupted temple city in Lustria or the Haunted Forest south of the Mountains of Mourn? Just examples.)
+DoC can build two variations of chaos rift: normal chaos rift in minor settlement, which cause chaos corruption and can be used for teleportation from neighboring chaos rifts and bigger versions in the capital of the province using them as normal settlement and portal to teleport to any settlement within the province. Can only do the latter, if corruption is high enough.
+LL and lord of DoC can recruit god-dedicated units from all four gods from the beginning but have to deal with different upkeep, depending on the rivalry between the gods as well. Traits, techs or followers would reduce the higher upkeep.
+DoC Undivided would not have different upkeep but would have to invest more to research buffs and bonuses for units.

Chaos Dwarfs:
+LL: Drazoath the Ashen, Astragoth Ironhand and Zhatan the Black.

Ogre Kingdoms:
+Not being a horde.
+LL: Greasus Goldtooth, Skrag the Slaughterer, Bragg the Gutsman and Golgfag Maneater

+LL: Tzar Boris Urus and Tzarina Katarin the Ice Queen

+Released alongside the release of the grand campaign.
+2 LL, one starting in Shang-Yan the most western city and one starting in Nan Gau, a city on the western side of the Great Bastion. (Both would be on the eastern border of the grand campaign and army-wise like the Empire but trading knightly orders and some gunpowder units for monsters and magic units.)

Norse Dwarfs:
+Adding missing Norse Dwarfshold to the map, if there will be still any.
+2 LL (would like to see king and queen of Kraka Drak and army-wise no gunpowder, infantry having a use of swords and throwing axes alongside current weapons of dwarfs, partly lighter-armored and more offensive and much more rune-magic)

Hobgoblin Khanate:
+2 LL, being a GS-horde with more cavalry and fast monsters and less infantry and slow monsters.

Hung and Kurgan:
+2 LL, being a Norsca-horde with more cavalry and fast monsters and less infantry and slow monsters.
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