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Sound cuts out randomly in Battles

cool_lad#3330cool_lad#3330 Registered Users Posts: 2,278
Sound just seems to cut out randomly in the middle of siege battles.

Seems to occur randomly when watching/zoomed into units fighting on walls (the roman wall variant, haven't yet observed this with units fighting on walls in more celtic layouts)

Once the sound cuts out, there seems to be no way to restore it and it stays muted through the rest of the game (including the campaign map). The only way to solve the issue seems to be to quit to desktop and restart the game.


  • InocybeInocybe Registered Users Posts: 154
    This is a common "bug" in total war games. You pressed a key that cut the sound. There is a way to reverse it in game (I actually have to do this a couple of times), but I don't remenber. Sorry I could not help more.
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