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v1.8 update for the Total War Mod Manager released

KaedrinKaedrin Registered Users Posts: 73
I've released the v1.8 update for the Total War Mod Manager (not just Warhammer 2 now) which can be downloaded here:


https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1399787504 (Steam Workshop version)

New Functionality:
  • Steam Information is now pulled! (Title and Author, though Author needs to be scrolled to the right to see)
  • Right Click option to open a subscribed module's Steam page via Web Browser has been added
  • Right Click option to open a subscribed module's Steam page via Steam client has been added
  • Upon refresh, a backup is now done
  • 0.0 sized pack files found in Content now deleted and a message informs the user of which one
  • 0.0 sized pack files are removed from the data folder
  • Date column fixed to be a consistent format that is sort friendly
  • Date column is now cultural friendly (including sort capability)
  • Revert to Vanilla File Menu option renamed to Reset Program Settings
  • Fixed Rename Bug
  • Upon specifying a location for backups, a backup is now immediately done
  • Upon enabling the option to do backups (and a location is already set), a backup is now immediately done
  • Out of date mods are colored orange
  • Recently changed mods are now colored light blue (instead of yellow)
  • Removed Revert to Vanilla button
  • Added bypass CA Launcher option
  • Error message added for when steam isn't available when KMM is started
  • Link to Total War Mod Troubleshooting Guide added
  • Priority Change tooltip updated with new text
WARNING If you see the CA launcher download any files, once it is finished downloading you need to click the refresh button in the KMM in order for the KMM to move those new and/or updated mods to the data folder. The refresh button will scan the content folder again and display any newly subscribed mods in the list as usual.

Upcoming v1.8.1 Release

Known Issue - Napoleon will not work at this time as it doesn't not support the new Content folder scheme and I need to set the manager up to support it strictly from Data. I will add this to 1.8.1 along with the following items:
  • Support for Napoleon
  • Ability to upload added
  • Ability to update mods added
  • Merge packfile option
  • Ability for Mod Author's to have a readme.txt displayed via Right Click option
  • Ability for Mod Author's to have a dependency.xml file indicate which mods must be enabled/subscribed in order to enabled them
Upcoming v2.0 Release


I'm working out Steam integration and a ground up new GUI and have an initial feature set documented on that page if folks want to look it over.

Quick recap of how to use v1.8 :

1) Disable all mods using the CA Launcher
2) Enable the mods you want using my mod manager
3) Click the Launch button and enjoy.

Make sure you click the Revert to Vanilla in order to go back to using the CA mod launcher (because my mod manager needs to delete key files it uses in order to allow the CA launcher to resume working correctly).

You can leave my mod manager up and running while you play and while you use the CA mod manager in order to download update mod files. The refresh button will reload the GUI and pick up any new (or deleted) mods.

The profiles will allow you to switch between multiple sets of mod files quickly and easily in case you prefer to have a set of creature files only enable when playing a certain race, etc.


If you do happen to encounter any bugs, let me know here or email me at [email protected] Thanks and have fun!


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