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The arbitrary war events need to stop

AurelianDidItAurelianDidIt Registered Users Posts: 14
There seem to be a number of completely random, scripted wars.

It's not that the AI properly declares war on you, no, you just get a random event pop up and... boom, you're now at war with a faction you were on super good relations with.

This mechanic makes absolutely no sense and is quite game breaking.

I just reload the autosave and roll the turn again with this happens.


  • FreitagFreitag Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 9
    edited September 2018
    Same here... I fear the "Added [...] chance for neighbouring AI factions to declare war on the player based on a number of factors" (CA update blog) must be a bit too high. While I like the idea of a more aggressive CAI this is clearly broken.
  • FreitagFreitag Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 9
    After some more testing I really hope that this will be adressed in the next patch. The AI was glitching into war so many times while totally ignoring diplomatic standing or ongoing alliances. Makes investing in diplomacy rather pointless. I never had any formal declaration of war and sometimes it even seems that the faction that started the war was another faction's vassal...
  • eXteNioneXteNion Registered Users Posts: 37
    It happened to me as well but without an event. I think some factions are scripted to attack you or other not to like you. I can't have a declaration of friendship with very friendly factions and other declare war on me even though we have a perfect alliance.
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