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Vassal kingdoms are terribly implemented in this game

InocybeInocybe Registered Users Posts: 154
Ally faction does not seem to understand the concept of vassal kingdoms, and they declare war to your vassals without thinking about the consequence (war with you). It is once again, why vassal kingdoms are totaly useless in this game. It adds to a long list (no province exchange with vassals, vassals taking over your land that was just taken by rebels, vassals canno't be integrated etc.). No point at all. Badly implemented.


  • MrMecHMrMecH Registered Users Posts: 2,283
    It had badly implemented from the start.

  • LawndartLawndart Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 14
    The whole function sorta falls flat when you have no means to work out or trade territory to get that last chunk of land for a full Provence. I’d rather not have vassals and just take them over... especially considering how weakened they need to be to become vassals.
  • HrafnHrafn Registered Users Posts: 305
    Mo' vassals, mo' problems.
  • Emperor_NapoleonEmperor_Napoleon Registered Users Posts: 122
    Vassals are handled terribly in ToB, just like in other every TW game. I don't get why CA haven't looked at how Paradox does vassals and just copy them, since they do it basically perfectly.
  • DominicomucciDominicomucci Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 409
    I don't mind them and you just have to grasp how they are pretty much autonomous kingdoms.

    Just keep an eye on them and make sure you get to your rebellions first.

    In the end it's not the end of the world if they take some provinces and the fights they help with can be huge.

    I loved my vassal in my Northumbria play through.
  • sunshinetroopersunshinetrooper Registered Users Posts: 68
    edited September 2018
    I found vassals to be useful in my gwinned hard campaign. I had 3 vassals, 2 which were of use and one which only had a city and did nothing but give me tribute every turn. Miece and Powis were fantastic at picking off settlements from the West Seax, the dominant power in the campaign. This meant I was able to carve up their empire as they had to respond to multiple fronts and the war targets were obliged by my vassals. This went on for quite some time, then I'd halt aggression as I needed to focus on rebuilding my empire. This would lead to a 5-8k peace offering from w.Seax, which I'd give some proportion to my vassals. Eventually Powis rebelled against me, at an odd time for the AI, as a two stack of my army was walking by and I swiftly destroyed em.

    Saying that, it would be nice if there was more control over vassal kingdoms, much like the revamped politics system. More often than not, vassals are just a nuisance.
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