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Co-Op Campaign issue

AdamDelAdamDel Registered Users Posts: 5
Having some issues with the Co-Op campaign since the ancestral update. The games has become very slow on the campaign map; opening the faction overview can take nearly two minutes, clicking a city is very slow to open (the cursor animation runs in slow motion), AI turn time very slow, etc.

This part seems odd to me but fighting battles (on either machine) with the other player spectating runs perfectly fine! Single player campaign also seems to run without issue.

We both have identical machines (old work computers, I think 4th gen i7, 16GB RAM, etc - I am no expert!), we both use the low graphics settings and before the update we were able to play the Co-Op campaign without issue.

I have tried a running the campaign through the online option, LAN games over wireless and LAN games through a direct cable between the two machines. All have the same issue

Any help would be great, we really enjoyed this game!


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