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Crash when asking faction leader to join family

In the moment, I play Rise of the Republic as the Sardegnans (Iolaens? I don't know the exact English name!). In that game, a woman who's not member of my family inherited the title of faction leader.
So I fought some battles with a young member of the family till he had enough authority to ask her to join the family as his child.
As I asked her, the game immediately went back to desktop. The fastest game quit I ever saw in any Total War game. I tried to reload the save I did before that and repeated the same action - again, I found myself back at the desktop in a matter of nanoseconds.
Is it a bug? Resulting in something that shouldn't happen (faction leader part of party, but not of family?)
Can I do something about that?


  • RafSwi7RafSwi7 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,447

    Can I do something about that?

    You should post a save game file. Without it CA won't be able to help you.

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