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Siege Defences Not Firing

captaingnarrcaptaingnarr Registered Users Posts: 4
No matter what I do, my defences won't fire.

They will do the readying animation sometimes. But never fire.

Even as enemy troops walk in front of them, calmly place ladders, climb up and kill the crew. It's amusing, but frustrating.

I'm playing as Suebi. New to the game. No mods.

I've tried giving fire orders. Using fire at will. Stopping orders and reissuing. Nothing helps.


  • Octavius_5Octavius_5 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 280
    I can confirm this behavior. It seems like it might be the barbarian siege variants that don't work. I saw this when attacking a barbarian lv. 3 city when the defending artillery on the walls did not ever fire at me. I confirmed this with a custom battle as the Arevaci defending the Asturica city map at lv. 3 on the Hannibal at the Gates map. None of my defending siege artillery types were able to fire at the attacking AI when they were in range.
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