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Airgialla Declaring War? - Bug

RobG4RobG4 Posts: 34Registered Users
Playing as Dyflin/Legendary

Two games in a row Airgialla (Ailech's vassal) has declared war on me. Ailech was dragged into the war each time.

I double checked, the Event message was "Airgialla declares war" etc.

Am I missing something here or can vassal states independently start wars?


  • eXteNioneXteNion Posts: 37Registered Users
    In my playthrough, Airgialla declared war as well, while being vassals of Ailech.
  • RobG4RobG4 Posts: 34Registered Users
    Happened again...here's a sceeenshot

  • SolesidesSolesides Posts: 2Registered Users
    This has happened to me as well when playing as Mide. I have a defensive pact with Ailech that somehow remained despite Airgialla declaring war and remaining a vassal. It pretty much ruined my campaign but I didn't think to take a screenshot, next time I will.
  • FreitagFreitag Junior Member Posts: 9Registered Users
    Diplomacy seems to be bugged atm. They added an extra chance for the AI to declare war on the player in the last patch. This was supposed to counter the over passive CAI. A good idea, but now the AI acts totally irrational and bugs like this occur.
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