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Occasional Freezes, but no crash. - (With mdmp file)

AsenblutAsenblut Posts: 1Registered Users
edited September 2018 in Crashes & Performance

After not finding any related thread about that and Google also not helping, i will try it this way.

I've faced the following problem in the last 1 - 2 months in Attila:

While playing, from time to time, in a very unregular pattern, my game just freezes and continues some seconds to minutes later. My system isn't affected by that and i can also move my mouse without any problem. It's just that the game itself goes "inactive", as it's display in the task manager while the freeze is happening, and the GPU activity goes down to 0%.
There doesn't seem to be a specific trigger, it can happen any time.

In Overall, it seems, that the game goes "to sleep" for a while.
This doesn't happen in any other program or game, it just happens in Attila.

Here is a video, where you can see how this looks like (~0:06):
Link to Youtube
This is one of the quickest ones, some last over half a minute or even more.

Until now, i've tried pretty much everything i could imagine. I reinstalled the game, i turned off every in-game overlay, i experimented with Anti-Virus and Firewall settings, i tried to turn off specific programs, installed the game on a different hard drive, reinstalled graphics driver and so on. But nothing helped, the freezes didn't stop.

Now i don't know where to continue, so maybe someone here has encountered the same problem and fixed it. Or someone else has an idea, what this could cause.

Best regards!

Edit: Using Windows 10.

Edit2: The game created a .mdmp-File today. I've uploaded it here.
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  • Greq7Greq7 Posts: 4Registered Users
    edited September 2018
    Having exactly same problem.

    I have played for 2000 hours and now this problem makes it impossible to continue. recently I've started making mods and this issue makes it too daunting and time consuming.

    I have tried same things as Asenblut:
    - twice verified the game files
    - reinstalled and rolled back graphics card
    - removed as many windows services as possible
    - removed, cleaned bad registry after uninstalling game and the steam
    - switched off all my firewalls and antiviruses completely
    - switched off automatic windows update after updating it all and double checking everything
    - tweaked all settings many times in graphics card as well as in the game
    - uninstalled geforce experience
    - installed graphics driver from 2017 but also did not help
    my cpu is i7
    GC is GTX 1070
    16gb ram
    hard drive is SSD samsung
    operating system windows 7 64bits
    I never have any issues with any other software or programs on my machine!

    Please someone help. I kinda don't have any other hobby right now and if I lose Attila I'll get even more depressed :neutral:
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  • Greq7Greq7 Posts: 4Registered Users
    and now I have installed geforce experience back ba doptimized game with it , no change, freezes still there
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    I have the same problem and have now seen a few othe poeple reporting it. I have tried fixing this for a few months now to no avail. I played the game with no problems untill I suddenly started encountering the same problems. I tried everything and raised two seperate tickets with CA but I still have this problem. they said I should check my hardware but I have a new build and all other games and total wars work perfect. Pls if somebody knows how to fix help.

    Also when delating the attila folder in App data creative assembly folder fixies it but only sometimes and until you start the game again which means you will loose your settings and saves
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    I've been having the same issue. Does yours freeze like that on the Main Menu as well?

  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    @Armysniper yes it does. It seems like we all have the same problem if you let the intro in the begining play chances are it will freeze up there too
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users

    And not a fix in sight eh?
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    No I have tried almost everything I really dont know what else to do... Except hope for a update that fixes this.
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    Hey Creative Assembly! If you see this how bout you chime in with a fix? We bought your game. Now, it's time for you to give us our money's worth!
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    Yes CA pls fix this, this can obviously not be a coincidence that we all have the same problem, there are also various other forum posts on steam and on here that describe the same issue. The game is unplayable like this and its just not good enough. The game worked fine for me, I bought all the dlc and it just stopped working after a month or so ?? I have contacted your customer support and was told something was wrong with my gpu which I bought 3 months before attila gtx1080. All my games run fine including every single total war...
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    @julian Agreed! They need to stop blaming people's hardware and start blaming their programmers.
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    edited January 1
    I had this discussion on a steam thread the other day.


    Someone had posted "this is a 4 year old game unless they are making a dlc why would they spend lots of money reworking this game?."

    It's comments like this that allow these companies to feel their actions are justified on releasing a game, making money and dropping it without addressing game breaking issues...

    I replied with...

    "CA should come back and fix their $60 Game. I never understood the reasoning behind "why would they come back and fix a xx year old game?" Well, maybe it's because when you show videos of the game before launch (CA >.>) running at 60+ fps and YOU the "End User" run the product on your pc (mind you, not all pc's are created equally.) and you tank to 10~20 fps in a Battle or on the Campaign Map or maybe not even be able to launch the game at all. then, in my eyes, you have not only committed false advertisement but you may have dabbled in a lil bit of robbery as well. If you're going to release a Game and charge $60 for it then be sure you test the game on a multiple array of platforms and if a bug or poor optimizations do arise, listen to the people (who paid $60 for your product) and fix your game."

    I feel that if you meet the recommended specs that these companies set for their games. Then, you should be able to play said games.

    My System Specs:

    Windows 10 Home 64bit
    Intel i7 2600k CPU
    EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 FTW+ GPU
    Gskill Ripjaw 4x4GB @1866mhz RAM
    Asus Sabertooth Z77 MOBO
    EVGA Supernova 750 G2 PSU
    WD Blue 1TB 3D NAND SSD

    Not the best PC in the world...

    But DESTROYS the recommended specs for Attila...

    The fact that i can't even load into the Campaign Map half the time without it ctd is beyond me...

    This game needs fixed. PERIOD!
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    Not going to chime in on this Thread CA?
  • DenatomDenatom Posts: 2Registered Users
    I've got the same problem. The attila prozess goes inactive and in the wait chain I see that its waiting for network i/o to finish. Maybe a communication problem with the steam servers... There are also a lot of inactive tcp connects for attila.exe. The support is unfortunatly not very helpful. :-/
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    Here are some links of people reporting the exact same problem

    - https://steamcommunity.com/app/325610/discussions/0/1744482417428102916/
    - https://steamcommunity.com/app/325610/discussions/0/1744482417423734681/
    - https://steamcommunity.com/app/325610/discussions/0/617329150699581968/
    - https://steamcommunity.com/app/325610/discussions/0/1745605598711832410/
    - https://steamcommunity.com/app/325610/discussions/0/1736594593608770662/
    - https://www.strategie-zone.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1054&t=23121

    some say it hangs in their campaign but thats because they don´t hang around long enough in the menu. The game always hangs at least the second time you start it without restarting your computer. It can be in the intro if you let it play or in the menue if you hang out there and play with the options for a short while. If you start the game skip past everything and load a safe quickly you will get a freeze inside the game so no matter what it is always the same outcome.
    Freeze for some time whilst mouse and music are still working. In task-manger it just says game stopped working until it unfreezes. Conclusion the game is broken and I want a fix after paying for the game and all of its **** dlcs.....

    The least CA can do is answer in this thread with possible solutions and not that stuff supports tells you
  • CanuoveaCanuovea Posts: 12,723Registered Users, Moderators
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  • Werecat101_Werecat101_ Posts: 29Registered Users
    edited January 11
    Now that the personal attacks are over.

    I am the Steam user "Steve" for any of you that read the steam forums.

    Lots of people upgraded and changed to win 10 Microsoft change the core of the O/S at will. now looking at the dates on the posts this problem seems to have started around the same time as the "Windows Update September 2018 "
    that update was for Win 10 but a reduced version was rolled out to Win 7 PCs as an Auto update.

    I have over 4000 hours in Attila .

    This subject has been discussed over and over, some people like me get good performance others get really bad performance. I have looked for any consistent reason for the performance issues and none are easily proven.

    My Old PC was

    AMD Phenom II 365 black edition, which was replaced with an AMD FX 4300
    the GPU was a Nvidia GTX670
    16 gig of DDR3 and a normal HD

    at 1920x1200 that rig got 25 fps in a big battle and when zoomed in 20fps mostly at higher settings and ultra unit size

    My new PC well nearly 3 years old except last years upgrade to the GPU from a GTX1070 to a GTX1080TI

    CPU I7-6700
    GPU AORUS GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce Xtreme Edition 11G O/C GPU 2060mhz mem at 5900mhz
    32 gig of DDR4 3000mhz

    I play the game at 4K and get 80+FPS when i turn off V sync even zoomed in on a large battle I normally play with V sync on and get a rock solid 60FPS.

    That isn't about boasting but 1 thing is constant I don't get the short freezes or any of those problems, MY OS has moved from machine to machine with Driver updates.

    my O/S is Windows 7 Pro custom install specialist build. the Auto updates were stopped in Oct 2015 doesn't have the rubbish background tasks. or the changes to reduce performance.

    I have never had a crash but I have had failed loading when mods failed to be updated or were suddenly removed, but never an in game crash. have you ever considered this game was developed for win 7.

    I run 2 year old graphics drivers because they are rock solid that is exactly the opposite of any of the Win 10 users that automatically update to the latest drivers because they are told to do it.

    I run windows 7 because unlike Window 10 I control every aspect of my operating system.

    people that doubt my performance should look at these screen caps from the Londinium script my in game is slightly better than the Londinium script which I believe is due to mods being well done and texture loading faster.



    I personally suspect that something that was updated in a windows auto update after October 2015 causes most of the problems all of the Microsoft O/S have received large numbers of updates since 2016.
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    hey steve great for you I also have really good specs and played attila and all other total wars with no problem (my performance is actually also great when the game worked). Until suddenly these problems started occurring. They are not micro stutters or anything this stuff can happen in menues or in the intro where ever. I have done all the usual as well as unusual troubleshooting steps and got nowhere. This problem occurred after many hours of play. I just stopped playing attila for a month during summer and then came back with this problem present. So pls can we pls get some kind of fix ?

    And again steve no need to fight over stupid stuff but it seems like it was the only way to get Ca to actually look at this.
  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKPosts: 35,872Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    edited January 12
    Some off topic comments removed. Just to be clear moderators: are community volunteers, are not in any position to respond on behalf of CA, are tasked solely with ensuring that the forrm terms and conditions are followed although they may offer solutions to issues based on personal experience.

    I don't have any quick fixes for this issue, but for those using Win 10 I suggest that you make sure that the game bar is not recording in the background, and for all check that you have power settings set to performance and lap-tops plugged into the mains and no optimising. streaming, or other tweaking software running. There is definitely something happening with the latest Windows updates - bear in mind that the game code hasn't change and consider what else might be different.

    Edit: it's also worth noting that the subheading for the Attila support sub-forum incliudes the line " [NB: This is a community run and moderated board]" i.e. this is a self-help forum - the official Customer Support being here https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/203610592-How-to-raise-a-bug-in-Total-War-Attila They should then forward outstanding issues to CA via internal channels.
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  • Werecat101_Werecat101_ Posts: 29Registered Users
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    julian1312 are you using Windows 10?
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
  • Werecat101_Werecat101_ Posts: 29Registered Users

    Yes I am

    and you gained this problem after the September update?.
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    I can say for sure but if I would have to guess I would say I noticed problems in late august so most likely early september
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    This would also makes sense since I have checked a lot of other stuff without getting any where. the only thing I could not check but some what suspected was windows itself. However wouldn't there be more people complaining by now if it was a windows update ?
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    So it wasn't the Sept update! Hmm...
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    Could have swore I said this in another Forum... But where???
  • julian1312julian1312 Posts: 35Registered Users
    Was there an attilla update in september ?
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    The only relief I have found for this is to copy and paste the Launcher folder from Rome 2 to Attila. Fixed it for a little bit until it rewrote the cache...
  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    He's talking about a Windows update. Which is not the problem.
  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKPosts: 35,872Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    No code changes for Atilla for the last ages.

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  • Armysniper2448Armysniper2448 Junior Member Posts: 43Registered Users
    Then explain how this started after the Launcher Update?
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