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Byzantine empire

JohntsiptsisJohntsiptsis Registered Users Posts: 29
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Guys im playing rome medieval crusades campaign.but i have a difficulty
with my byzantine army composition.can you give me any idea;should i use more varangians than swordsmans
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  • CapricornianGoatCapricornianGoat Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 41
    The peak of popularity of the MTW/M2TW was over a decade ago. There's probably not a lot of us dropping by here now. So good luck on responses you may get.

    I often play one of the Christian factions. I very seldom play the Byzantines. So my opinion is not really an expert opinion. Having said that here's what I would do.

    i would choose Varangian Guards over swordsmen. Usually 6 of them supported by 5 Byzantine Guard Archers. My flanks will be covered by 8 Kataprachtois. And commanded by a general with good commander traits (eg command, dread, etc). Of course you can play with the numbers to your liking and style of play.
  • TallestdavidTallestdavid Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 15
    yo! OK so it depend on whom you fight.
    they can fight any army they had to. historically they would match who they fight. but was more organized. like if they fought an horse archer army they would by this time did they same
    they were known to use ambush tactics for heavy cav so keep a hidden spear militia with archers. (creatan guard archers had spears and shields too)

    kataphratoi are good all round with Armour mace piercers and historically had bows as well they were badass.
    shameful tagmata troops aren't all here. or the scototai
    byzantine had it all.
  • AnthoniusiiAnthoniusii Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 110
    I would sugest you to play a mod that ficuses arround that era,
    The Great Conficts mod starts almost a century before Varangian Guard was drafted but ends with the battle of Matzikert. As for your question itself Varangians are better in all aspects if you can afford their upkeep.
    To have a glimps of The Great Conflicts mod here are some Romans (not Byzantines because the term is invalid historicaly)/.

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