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HD remaster release ?

Total_War_VeteranTotal_War_Veteran Posts: 442Registered Users
When ? Even if it just a higher resolution and textures, with some bug and compatibility fixes, I will play full price for it !! Who also agree with this ? Let your voice be heard by CA !
Full support for CA and CA_Ella


  • GreenKing1GreenKing1 Senior Member Posts: 635Registered Users
    Yea, a remaster would be very welcome. Still the game I have the fondest memories of, would be nice for it to get some graphical improvements and for the campaigns to not end at a specific date.
  • 1Hugefan1Hugefan Posts: 1Registered Users
    Please remaster the original total war. It had a great amount of content and it is a shame that I cannot run my old copy. Thank you!
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