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[BUG] RoTR - Centurion + Standard Carrier MISSING SWORDS In Hand

DDCPDDCP MemberPosts: 96Registered Users
No mods, vanilla game - just installed RoTR, and noticed the centurion & standard carrier soldier next to him do not have any weapon in their hand. I tried moving them around, letting them fight, etc. and they still have empty hands.

Can someone else confirm this (from vanilla)? And can we get a support ticket on this?

I just purchased this DLC, and this seems like a pretty bad bug to miss!

Many thanks!


  • DDCPDDCP Member Posts: 96Registered Users
    Note: From the screens I posted, it's happening only with Roman units that have the Centurion. Seems random perhaps, as other units are okay. It definitely is tied to Rise of the Republic Roman units though. Anybody else who could test this & reproduce it on vanilla Rise of the Republic would be a great help.

    I'd suggest a variety of Roman units like my above screenshots.

  • DDCPDDCP Member Posts: 96Registered Users
    Is there anyone else or a team member who can confirm & test this?

    I've asked a few players I have on my friends list to check this out, and they've found the same bug, but obviously I'd like to hear from others who can test it out on a vanilla build w/ the DLC.

    Shouldn't be a big fix I hope from the development team?
  • DDCPDDCP Member Posts: 96Registered Users
    Yikes... no answer, and nobody else really on this forum. Not a good sign...
  • DDCPDDCP Member Posts: 96Registered Users
    Posted on the Steam modding workshop boards... anybody have this same issue?
  • DDCPDDCP Member Posts: 96Registered Users
    So is this bug just ignored? Does the team even look at these forums anymore?
  • Niai8889Niai8889 Junior Member Posts: 32Registered Users
    Yes, this whole forum will be ignored and the issue won't be fixed, as CA now have no-one developing on Rome II anymore. CA Sofia who were the last to work on the game with Empire Divided/Desert Kingdoms/Rise of the Republic are now working on Three Kingdoms. It's the same with other games like Attila for the same reason.

    It sucks, I know. There are many bugs posted that have gone ignored
  • jeff_1jeff_1 Posts: 27Registered Users
    i have the same problem :<,

    CA please fix it
  • jeff_1jeff_1 Posts: 27Registered Users
    just in case i think you should add your DxDiag, its very easy
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