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Application unplayable due to graphics "skipping" while open

phuzzybunnyphuzzybunny Registered Users Posts: 1
Build: v1.4.1; 7450.1400824

Detailed description:
During the initial application open, splash screens, beginning cinematic, main menu and campaign play the audio and video breaks for up to a second before resuming then "skipping" again like when an old CD player would get jostled. In more technical terms the FPS drops to 1-5 before returning up to 40+ and the audio drops with the FPS. This problem emerged during game play and is persisting through application restarts and rebooting the computer. While the game is open, even if it is minimized in the background, other applications and the OS experience the same sound and video problems until the application is closed at which point everything returns to normal. In the application during a "skip" the interface is non responsive so clicking on buttons sometimes takes several tries before an action happens

Reproduction Steps:
- Occurred during game play. Several saves, loads and starting a new campaign but happened 10 turns into the Tyrion Campaign after an NPC initiated battle concluded
- Problem began after about 40 hours of game play but persists through restart and re-install.

Can provide a video clip upon request

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
Close, Re-open, Reboot & Reinstall
Updated Nvidia Driver, software, and disabled Nvidia and MS video game capture features
Updated OS
Disabled peripheral applications using GPU during gameplay
Installed Direct X End user run times per SEGA Graphics troubleshooting workflow
Validated Steam files' integrity using Steam application
Asking nicely, begging, tears.

Attached DxDiag & preferences.script

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  • DMA64DMA64 Registered Users Posts: 68
    Honestly - no real idea this sounds like a hard one.

    Close every other application that is running or might be running in the background, set your nvidia settings back to default, uninstall everything from nvidia (GeForce Experince once caused me a big problem), only install the driver, unplug everything that you don`t need from your PC.

    Overclocking? Disable it.

    Might try to use MSIAfterburner to see what your GPU is doing.

    Other game, same problem?

    Pray to Khorne!

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