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xuhua lake in multi balanced?

another505another505 Posts: 668Registered Users
I really don't like this map
One side starts at the bottom of the map and has to fight an up hill battle, and also, can easily hide a lot of their units behind the hill.

Is a really unfair map in my opinion.
Can CA take it out of quick battle?
There is another similar map like this but i forgot whats it called


  • SarmatiansSarmatians Posts: 2,959Registered Users
    There's a 3-4 really bad maps for mp. Altar of Ultimate Darkness and a few other can't remember from the top of my head.

    It's not such a big deal. The map pool is so big that weeks can go by before you get those particular maps, and they you can just dodge and click find match again.
  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Posts: 2,541Registered Users
    That said, there a couple of maps that QB would be better off without. Why keep them in when they could be excised?
    "CA WHY U NU UNPOOP GAME" (Dank TW meme of 2011)
  • Disposable HeroDisposable Hero Posts: 2,914Registered Users
    Did anyone make a comprehensive list with motivation? Should be easy enough to get the worst ones out of the rotation...
  • SarmatiansSarmatians Posts: 2,959Registered Users
    Well, Xuhua Lake can actually be fun...

    Altar of Ultimate Darkness is a race to the top without knowing what you're gonna face, or give your enemy an advantage of a downhill charge.
  • hanenhanen Posts: 256Registered Users
    I wouldn't mind CA reducing the map pool for QB to 10-20. I keep bringing builds that do crap on certain maps because I don't remember the map layout.

    At least one should be able to see the map better in the army selection screen. Elevation and so on.

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