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Which mods do you use/recommend for improved core gameplay?

JadawinKhanidiJadawinKhanidi Posts: 619Registered Users
Wonder if I missed any great mods that improve the core game and fill in the gaps left by CA. This is specifically NOT about mods that

-add cheating by removing or changing gameplay elements seen as too hard or 'unfair'
-make anything more 'loreful' (I couldn't care less)
-change looks of models or anything cosmetic like that
-overhauls that seek to make the game into something very different

So what I use:

1. Advanced AI by CeltiK +submods
Improves the AI in most ways, by far the most important thing for me in every strategy game because I don't like multiplayer but want to have human-like opponents as much as possible.

2. Community Bugfix mod
Tbh most bugs in there I never noticed and don't seem particularly severe, but still nice to have them fixed.

3. Region trading by Vanishoxyact
Allows to purchase (and gift) regions from AI allies in provinces where you already own a region. This plugs a major hole in the base game's diplomacy where you were often forced to backstab an ally because he stole that one settlement from you. Now, there's a peaceful solution that makes a lot more sense.

4. Abandon Region by sm0kin
Allows to transform a region that you already own to ruins. Have not actually ever done that yet since subscribing to the mod, but it's something that should be possible and could be useful in certain circumstances (it does not allow to abandon a region already under siege)

5. Better Camera Mod by kam2150
Not sure what exactly it does, but the camera perspective in battles does seem vaguely better since I added it ^^

Any other mods along these lines that you'd recommend?


  • SniperBob177SniperBob177 Posts: 285Registered Users
    Maybe the Lord creation Mod.

    I'd say region trading is the same level of cheating in comparison to the Lord Mod.

  • JadawinKhanidiJadawinKhanidi Posts: 619Registered Users
    I see it as a bugfix. A trusted ally colonizing a settlement in the heart of my Empire right after an enemy razed it, no real ally would do that. Every human would rightly see it as an act of war and betrayal. At the very least I should have the right to declare war without getting diplomatic penalties with all other factions when they do that.

    But of course it depends on how it's used. In my current WE campaign, allies have snatched several settlements from me while I was warring against Vampires and Greenskins, because I need to raze for income and could not always resettle in the same turn. Those darn freeloaders took my land without providing any help in the fight. Still I have not used the mod to buy my land back. I reserve it strictly for those cases where a settlement that already belonged to me is razed by an enemy and then stolen by an 'ally' - because I see it as an obvious bug that the AI does this.
  • UgandaJimUgandaJim Posts: 213Registered Users
    Unit formations - gives a bit variations in combat.
  • sawickisawicki Posts: 4Registered Users
    You have to get the better recruitment for Ai mod, so **** when sometimes you fight a full stack of skimish cav or just men at arms ect makes no sense and is no fun.

    Also I suggest the mod which adds rareiety to units so you end up with much more balence to armies

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