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Influence and Command traits disappearing from King, and Ceorl Spears have very high Melee Skill

billybob1billybob1 Registered Users Posts: 44
Version 1.2.3 Build 12076.1456182

In the save file attached for East Engle "00EE79.save", if you look at 891 AD (Autumn) Records for Characters -> Character Traits, you can see that Guthrum gained "Plays his part" and "Provides security" after a battle I did not reinforce to get as good traits as possible with a 20 stack King of Gwinedd.



2 turns later, and they have not had a "Trait Lost" by 892 AD, Spring, but the traits are gone, along with the influence and command, risking civil war..

Also, Ceorl Spearmen appear to be losing melee skill on their next research upgrade - for some reason they are starting at 40 for the base ceorl spears with only "Troop Organisation" (+6 melee skill)
researched, and will be going down to 37 when Fyrd Spearmen are researched. This seems too high.

e.g. using this non-spear skilled general:

Also, save games do not appear in the Thrones of Britannia client unless they start with "00". Sometimes they appear, sometimes they don't, the only way I can reliably get them to be displayed is when started with "00". The saves are being created when using other names, it asks if I want to "overwrite" a file if I give it a name that is not on the list of saves but has been previously attempted to be saved with that name, but the file remains invisible and therefore unable to be used.
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