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Vampire Coast Mechanics are bad news for Dogs of War



  • Ol_Nessie#9894Ol_Nessie#9894 Registered Users Posts: 4,310
    DarthKa said:

    She's from norsca, Albion province is 2/3 norscan.

    Where she's actually from is obscure, but what's not obscure are her current digs.
    Her origins are shrouded in mystery, but Aranessa Saltspite is nonetheless one of the most feared pirate captains of Sartosa, a self-styled Pirate Queen. To some, she is the daughter of the sea god Manann himself, with brine for blood. To others, she is a mutant who cut off her own fishtail after being cast out of her Norscan tribe as a child. What cannot be denied, whatever her origins may be, is that her skill at the helm or with cutlass is such that none can dispute her lethality in battle.
    White Dwarf 382
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