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Artifacting Before Crash within ~5 minutes of running game

rippywoprippywop Posts: 3Registered Users

I'll go ahead and reference this post over at EVGA since I initially thought it was my GPU, but I don't think that's the case since it only happens in Total War: Warhammer 2: https://forums.evga.com/11GP46391RX-Crash-on-Total-Warhammer-2-Campaign-Map-m2866737.aspx

Crash Pics: https://imgur.com/a/4fcah1J

I cannot find the minidump file in appdata or steam. Check imgur link to see there is no file in the folder.

Running a 1080Ti stock and within the first 5 minutes of starting the game my screen will artifact and crash.
I installed the EVGA Precision tool to monitor temps and the GPU never goes over 60C. In the picture

I booted to safemod and ran DDU to clean and restart. I then reinstalled Nvidia 416.16 in safe mode without the Geforce Experience and HD Audio/3D etc.

When I was running TW:WH2 with Nvidia 411.xx the computer would hard freeze and I'd have to manually restart. Now it reboots automatically.

I've played many hours of this game on my old GTX770 without any problems, but after upgrading to a 1080Ti I'm having issues.

Thanks for any and all help :)


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