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Faction Leader and Political System

Lord_GabrielLord_Gabriel Posts: 4Registered Users
So im up to 100 turns at least on my campaign as Rome. (Grand Campaign) Seeing as there seems to be a problem on this patch which CA is yet to address

Playing as Rome, in Junii family. For the first turns I had been provoking civil wars (total of 4 secessions) by the other families in hopes to prevent this from happening later on but they just kept sprouting up. Also, my best generals with Triumphs always seem to found new families, including my main Character's brother Marcus Brutus (really annoying)

Now my faction leader died, amist my capaign, i have had him married 2 times and only had a daughter (ffs) as a child. So he died with no heir, and now I had a new family leader but there is someone else leading Rome (Faction Leader) which I CANNOT FIND in any other party.

This is the first time I have experienced this, does anyone know what to do?? Can i get bacn the faction leader title?? Rome is still in Republic anyway I have not reached IMP level 5. Do i have to restart my campaign again??


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