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Underway Monuments In Occupied Dwarf Settlements

deshara218deshara218 Posts: 2Registered Users
One of the campaign winning conditions of Chaos Invasion is for dwarves to be wiped out.
In the lore, the dwarven underway was used to invade & wipe out the lizardman factions who were a primary opponent to the Chaos, and it's (afaia?) implied that the Skaven (and orcs?) were manipulated into doing their bidding

Soo, make every default-dwarf settlement, when occupied by a non-dwarf faction, have a monument they can build at tier 3, whether it's a minor or major settlement, that gives a % boost to underway range when starting or ending in a province with said monument, that stacks globally.
So if Skaven or Orcs are cowed into an alliance with Chaos & enter into a war with the Dwarves and Lizardmen as a condition for being spared, their implied reason for their demanded hostility with the dwarves is to cross their underway-capable vassals to underway from the old world to the new world.


  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Posts: 16,165Registered Users
    I'm not sure what you are suggesting.

    Underneath all the text, it sounds like you just want factions to be able to travel from New World regions to Old World without having to cross the ocean. Is this correct?

    Corrected action is the most sincere form of apology.

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