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Performance issues in 2020 on latest steam build (1.51) running on a late 2017 gaming pc

dude902dude902 Registered Users Posts: 2
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EDIT: I edited thread title because this is still an issue in 2020. (Originally posted this October 2018)

Hello, I have read through the two pinned threads "Issues when trying to launch Rome: Total War on Windows 10? - Workaround provided!" and "Frequently Asked Questions and Game Fixes" and am confident this is a completely different issue.

I've brought this issue up on the RTW1 steam forums and /r/totalwar recently, having just started playing this as my first total war game about a month ago, and people have corroborated it on both link 1 / link 2.

Just to be clear what this issue is *not*:
  • Not related to having windows 10
  • Not related to directx version
  • Not related to driver version
  • Not related to weak CPU / other hardware
  • Not related to multithreading
  • Not related to in-game settings
  • Not related to preferences/config files

This is purely related to the latest build (version 1.51). I have tested using the vanilla files from steam and only replacing only the main executable "RomeTW.exe" with version 1.5's executable from my retail cd copy. The difference is night and day, running smoothly at 60fps in battles even at max battle speed/fast-forward and max settings versus running at 30fps. Something has changed between these two versions, and having no access to the code I can't comment on exactly what it is. All I know is that it is making this great game hard to play.

I've already mentioned these frequently suggested "fixes" that had no impact when I tried them in the /r/totalwar post I made (linked above in this post).

Fixes that do not work:
  • add a copy of d3d8.dll to the folder containing the exe files for the game, some suggested the equivalent dlls for directx 9
  • limiting the CPU cores the game uses to one core, while the game is running, through windows Task Manager
  • patching the game exe's to use 4gb of ram (large-address aware patch)
  • using a pre-made preferences text file (same as adjusting settings with a few extra hidden options, I didn't see the difference between this and adjusting your settings in-game, but some old thread posts insisted this was necessary)
  • running the game in compatibility modes for Windows XP, 7, etc (to be fair, did improve the framerate by about 5 fps)
  • lowering settings and just living with it
  • updating graphics drivers
The only fix I have attempted that has had any significant impact is, again, downgrading to 1.5.

I am not expecting the devs to patch this 14 year old game at this point. However, there are some lower-effort fixes that I would like to see implemented on the front-end that should be reasonable to implement:

Potential non-intensive fixes:
  • A: Include the 1.5 executable in all steam installations and allow users to choose which to use, making it clear that 1.5 does not support multiplayer over steam servers (due to originally using gamespy), and that 1.51 is required for multiplayer, but may have performance issues on new hardware
    B: Add the 1.5 executable to an alternate branch in steam for players to opt into, using a beta access code

Thank you for making great games and for reading this concern. I was not sure if you were aware of this issue. Sega support referred me to you because they are more focused on activation related issues, and they suggested sharing it here because the developers monitor these forums. I just wanted to bring this to your attention and see if a short term fix could be implemented.
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  • PiraPira Registered Users Posts: 1
    Can't even manage to run the game smoothly with 2700 men. I have modern hardware too. I think they should leave us an option to revert back to 1.5 which should be easier than just making an new update?
  • 081316k081316k Registered Users Posts: 1
    I totally agree with this.
  • AjajaAjaja Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited November 2019
    Have you tried github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper ? At least on Windows 7 I was able to get the same FPS with v1.51 as it was with v1.5.
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  • dude902dude902 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Ajaja said:

    Have you tried github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper ? At least on Windows 7 I was able to get the same FPS with v1.51 as it was with v1.5.

    This idea is interesting, but the dxwrapper config has so many options, I don't know which to enable.
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