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Empire Total War Let's Play France 1783 Start

GrumpyScampGrumpyScamp Posts: 11Registered Users
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I can't keep my hands off this great game, so here I go with another LP with Empire Total War. This time, we start in the late era, in 1783. We play with DarthMod 8.0.

At the end phases of the American Revolutionary war, France faces many enemies on several fronts. Our assistance has secured the freedom of the Thirteen American colonies, but left France in debt, militarily strained and with a growing intellectual dissent towards the Royal Order - a dissent largely inspired by the Democratic freedoms recently gained in America.

We all know what happened to the French Monarchy, but in our alternative history, King Louis XVI sets out to change the path of France and cement its position as the undisputed leader on the European continent. He sets out on a military and economic campaign of expansion to eclipse the Sun King, and become known as Louis the Great. Vive le Roi!


Empire Total War France Ep00 "Intro"
Empire Total War France Ep01 "Louis le Grand"
Empire Total War France Ep02 "First Shots"
Empire Total War France Ep03 "Brussels"
Empire Total War France Ep04 "Meeting the Natives"
Empire Total War France Ep05 "Michigan"
Empire Total War France Ep06 "War in Savoy"
Empire Total War France Ep07 "Amsterdam"
Empire Total War France Ep08 "Back in Amsterdam"
Empire Total War France Ep09 "France Under Siege"
Empire Total War France Ep10 "The Treaty of Amiens"
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