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can anyone help with makeing a unit form another faction playable in the vampires roster

Rune1993Rune1993 Registered Users Posts: 8
Hi if anyone could help me i am trying to make 3 units playable in the vampire faction the Gorebull and Minotaurs (Shields) from the beastmen units and the Woodman from the wood elves i just want them as a playable unit on the vamps as the way you play those 2 dlc factions i dont really like but i like some of the units they have.

i have aspergus syndrome learning dificultys ive tride doing something like this before could not get the hang of it because of it if any can help i dont want anyone to do it for me in the way of making it and then put it on the workshop. But if anyone can write a step by step guid in a reply to this i would be greatefull i dont want to change any of there stats just make them playable with the vampire faction mainly count Von Carstein.
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