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Serious Rate of Fire Bug affecting only gunpowder based weapons

cool_ladcool_lad Senior MemberIndiaPosts: 2,272Registered Users
I think that this may have been mentioned already, but the rate of fire bug affecting gunpowder based weapons is still in the game. Testing on handguns; Handgunners and Thunderers seem to take 13.6 to 14.2 seconds between volleys, as against a stated time of 11.7 seconds.

While some discrepancy may indeed occur due to animations and the testing being carried out with just a timer, I think that the difference in times is substantial enough to be a serious issue in the calculation of damage. Whereas the reference unit (Darkshards: used here as reference point for expected discrepancy between observed and stated times) also had a minor discrepancy (observed: 12.9 s to stated: 12.6 s), but this was certainly not in the range observed in gunpowder units.

A difference this significant has serious repercussions on the performance of units in battle; the disparity in rates being comparable to (and very likely, greater than) the difference in reload rates between the reload rates of archers and (stated reload rates of) Handgunners.

I would therefore request that the Devs to rectify this issue, or at least change the units in question so that the damage values on the unit cards reflect the actual situation and take into account the rather significant difference between stated and observed reload rates.


  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaPosts: 2,272Registered Users
    I should also add that since the bug seems to affect all gunpowder based weapons, there's also an apprehension that a large number of gun armed units from the Vampire Coast may also be affected by it.

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