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Graphical and UI glitches that appear regularly in my games.

Momarhernandez2Momarhernandez2 Registered Users Posts: 2
Which it never had then all of a sudden... Enemy A.I generals that cannot be attacked in battle mode whatever the ♥♥♥♥ its called. Then there is an issue dragging across a circle to mass select units now only selects one. Then another game breaking issue is that my units turn away from the enemy revealing thier backs.:steamfacepalm: Wtf happened. I cannot continue playing this game now because of patches that broke the battle mode. I have encountered enemy generals that in the battle map I cannot attack because i cannot click on them. Thats game breaking. My units keep randomly turning thier backs to enemy units. Thats game breaking. I cannot create a circle to mass select units to command them. That is game breaking. Btw I stream on twitch and so one of the very few gamers that stream Rome total war 2 now cant. I dont expect you guys to care that I can no longer stream rome 2 total war on twitch but pls fix the game just for fun's sake. I will no longer support you guys if Rome 2 total war remains broken. Attila total war is another disaster but ... well.
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