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Freeze during unit placement and/or when i click on the ''Begin Battle'' button (TWWII)

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Detailed description: During Custom battle, Multiplayer battle (or whenever the game enters ''ingame'') when i click on a unit the game freezes, sometimes temporarily, sometimes it just crashes. It seems that this problem started after i downloaded a video card driver via GeForce Experience (other games work fine), but before that the game was working fine even on high graphics settings.

Reproduction Steps:
- Game menu (in some rare occasions it freezes)
- Multiplayer/Custom battle ingame (selecting units/beggining match crash/freeze the game)

* Campaign crashes/freezes when the map loads

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted: reinstalling video driver, updating video driver, reinstalling the game, verifying game cache, deleting the files ''modified.log'' and ''preferences.script'', disabling steam panel ingame and running on low graphics/in windowed mode.

*Weirdly enough, it doesnt seem like it created a crash report so i can't attach a minidump, looks like it never really ''crashed properly'', the majority of times i restarted the pc (because couldnt close TWWII or change tabs) or used Ctrl+Alt+Del to finish the game process.

*If someone can help by commenting or pinning other threads that could help me in any way, thanks a lot!
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