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Laptop that can run "Thrones of Britannia"

rm16rm16 Registered Users Posts: 2

I am wondering if there are any laptops out there that can run "Thrones of Britannia" well (not at lowest resolution)?

Considering trying to buy a gift for my husband as it's been quite a couple of years and he LOVES Total War and I know he was super interested in "Thrones of Britannia".

It needs to be a laptop not desktop. I don't know if it's feasible though (as a prebuilt).

Thank you!


  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,032
    Any modern gaming notebook would be sufficient. A GTX 1060, or even a GTX 1050 Ti, is more than sufficient for that generation of the TW engine. The 1050 Ti would have a lot less value in a few years though. While sufficient, I would not buy a previous generation. A GTX 970 would also be far more power than needed, but the 10 series is hugely improved in efficiency. You should also get one with an i7 8750H, and a SSD, preferably 256GB or higher.

    I would recommend either an Asus or MSI system. Any four or five star rated product is a sound idea though. Check Amazon and Newegg for product ratings. You can pick one up for around a grand, if you're picky and wait for good sales, typical prices are around $1500 US.
  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,276
    Really depends on your budget. ToB honestly isn't a very hard game to run, which speaks volumes as to the optimisation that's gone into it.

    If you want to buy a laptop, you'll really have to decide on a budget first, then I could recommend laptops around that budget to suit your needs.
  • naishonaisho Senior Member USARegistered Users Posts: 3,425
    The best deals you can get are around 1 thousand USD. What you primarily want to look at is the GPU (graphics processing unit) when going for deals.

    500 USD range - 800 USD
    bottom tier gaming laptop or budget gaming. Bottom tier GPU of the 1050 or 1050ti.

    900 - 1,300 USD

    This is the sweet spot range at the moment. You will either get a 1050ti or if lucky you can find a deal for a 1060 card in the 900 USD (they show up from time to time just keep your eyes peeled.)

    The 1060 card I have also seen being sold for as high as 1700 USD.

    You can get a really good deal sometimes from Lenovo. (keep your eyes peeled there https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/legion-laptops/legion-y-series/c/legion-laptops-series?menu-id=Y_Series_Laptops)
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