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Third Age -Total War (Whenever I change units stats,game is crashing)

TrelopaidoTrelopaido Posts: 3Registered Users
edited October 2018 in Medieval II: Total War

I am trying to tweak unit stats in a mod of MTW,called Third Age Total War...for example,I only edit the "Attack Factor" of "Berserker"...after that when I load a battle game always crashes,and a pop-up message says : "Medieval 2: Total War encountered an unspecified error and will now exit "...

I know that game crashes because of that,but I want to mod units also.How can I avoid the crashes!? I think the game reads the units with their original stats.How I can change that!?

Thank you for your time!
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  • CapricornianGoatCapricornianGoat Junior Member Posts: 38Registered Users
    I think that kind of crash happened to me too. But i forgot how exactly it happened. My memory is now bad. I just reloaded from backup and tried again. All I seem to remember was trying to make a unit stronger. I think the change affected some internal calculation. Try lowering a stat value instead of increasing - just to see if it would crash. I think that's what I did. If it does not crash, then you can try increasing to some other value. Remember to backup before ANY kind of change. Good Luck!
  • TrelopaidoTrelopaido Posts: 3Registered Users
    hmmm...thank you!
  • _JP__JP_ Posts: 5Registered Users
    You have to use Notepad++ to edit the export_descr_unit.txt. If you use editor or something else the saved file structure is different and the game won't recognise the file.
  • CapricornianGoatCapricornianGoat Junior Member Posts: 38Registered Users
    Please try this one.

    If you removed slaves (or other factions you do not want) from ownership of your unit in the export_data_unit.txt, also change the export_rebel_factions.txt and remove all references to your unit by commenting it out (put a semi-colon on the line). I think you may also have to do the same removal in the descr_strat.txt file.

    I hope my recollection is right. Good luck!
  • TrelopaidoTrelopaido Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thank you all guys!

    I will try it!!!
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