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New Army Proposal: Carnival of Chaos (i.e we have Vampire Pirates, now here are some Nurgle Clowns)

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So giving that we are about to approach Halloween, I thought about developing a very spooky army. It is an army of horrifying carnies, although personally as kid I never got why people found clowns scary. Anyway I am almost surprised that White Dwarf or someone like Mathias Ellison did not consider making at least a basic roster. Maybe it would be very awkward looking if Altdorf was being invaded by an army of clowns, but this is Warhammer we are talking about. Nevertheless the Carnival of Chaos is not a joke, it is a pretty grim-dark element of the Warhammer world. We are talking about infecting innocent children with Nurgles rot grim-dark here. Despite its name, the carnival of chaos is actually completely devoted to Nurgle.

It started to as off an army for Mordheim in an issue in Town Cryer, which was a publication that mostly offered supplement material for the Mordheim game (although I don't know if GW had direct ownership of Town Cryer or not). They even had a tomb raider Mordheim supplement. Unlike the Nehekharan scenario, the carnival of chaos did not actually come with named characters and I have been struggling to find at least two that could fit in. I have two characters in which I currentely need to adjust the lore a bit because after look at them I don't really like their origin story. If you are able to find any barrel-scrapped characters that could fit in.

The carnival of chaos also had a small cameo in Vermintide 2, where the shadow of bogenhafen maps had the carnival taking place (shown by fireworks launching) which were already completely overrun by skaven and Nurgle warriors.

For this army roster I added a few extra bits in here and there which includes my own ideas and a few things from the Warhammer RPG (1st-3rd editions). Feel free to contribute your own ideas, especially when it comes to swarm units which I couldn't be bothered with. Also feel free to post this on reddit if you wish (I personally don't use reddit). Furthermore if anyone wants to expand my ideas to create an official army book, or heck if CA wants to make the Carnival of Chaos to a full fledged horde army, then you don't need to ask my permission to do so. Probably has a more chance of making being playable in WH3 than Cathay.

Anyway this post will at contain at least some background of the carnival of chaos itself (with a few edits that I have made myself). The next post will give the roster summary and some ideas for campaign mechanics EDIT: Actually the comment was approved two-three posts later, so you have to find it there. I will try and put as many posts as I can otherwise

The Carnival of Chaos is the sick joke of the Great Lord of Decay, the Chaos god known as Nurgle. Thrice cursed Nurgle is also known as the unspeakable Master of Plague and Pestilence and the players in the Carnival are his corrupt followers and worshippers. They are those who have sold their souls for a twisted form of immortality through embracing death, destruction and decay – learning to love Nurgle’s many and varied gifts. It is not known how many Carnivals of Chaos there are or if the handful of reports from the lips of petrified witnesses all refer to the same warband.

No one knows from whence it came, the dreaded Carnival of Chaos and if more of one such carnival exists. Some have rumoured that it was once a gypsy caravan from the east of the Empire, wandering folk that brought their colourful fare from village to village entertaining the poor rural folk of the Empire with their lavish shows and stage plays. If this past is the truth then what it has become in the present is far more sinister and deadly. Still it wanders the rural backwaters of the Empire, in a colourful cavalcade of wagons, its folk dressed in the colourful finery of traveling players, bringing sonnet and song to excitable villagers and peasants.

Strongmen perform feats of incredible prowess to the adoration of the crowd, whilst clown/fat-fools in garish, grinning masks juggle balls, knives and flaming brands. Many shows are relatively uneventful with no noticeable casualties of disease on the day of the carnival, although pestilence seems to randomly appear on parts of the settlement a few days after the carnival has left. However on the times when the winds of magic are strong, that is when the carnival gets super excited for that is when they can perform their great act.

When the troupe perform their final act, known as the ‘Dance of Death’ or ‘Nurgles Great Play’ depending on the carnival, the enchantments covering their true visages slowly slip away revealing them to their blissfully ignorant audience for they are cavorting, cyclopean daemons with rotting flesh hanging from yellowing bones. What were originally considered intricately decorated masks and cleverly applied make-up is soon revealed as the players’ true horribly mutated faces, covered in pustules and pox-ridden lesions. The villagers’ expressions turn from those of elation to abject terror at the sight of these horrific visions the slaughter begins. By now most of the folk who made up the cheering audience would have already succumbed to the virulent diseases spread by these malevolent players. The vaint whisper of magic emitting from the carnival becomes a loud roar to other spell-casters, and so with the the carnival must pack up and make a quick escape. The survivors are led away to an unknown fate and the village is left deserted, its inhabitants and livestock killed by innumerable diseases and plague.

The Carnival of Chaos is justly hunted by the many bands of zealous Witch Hunters that traverse the lands but always seems to be just one step ahead of the Sigmarites and continues to follow its merry path, bringing the blessings of Nurgle to all. However there are times when running does not always work and their audience is less willing to join in with the festivities. When cornered the troupe will lash out in pestilent violence to defend itself, and their enemies usually underestimate the full force that this cult unleashes. To this day the carnival(s) continues with their festering fun, delights and sacrifices.

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    Okay so I will be giving much more detailed explanations of each unit for all to see, providing that the moderators approve my comments quickly enough.

    Carnival Master

    • (Lore of Nurgle)
    • (Lore of Shadows)
    The carnival masters lead the diabolical Carnivals of Chaos. They are the chosen of Nurgle and wield sorcerous powers gifted to them by their pestilential god. The master is a power-crazed individual that leads his coven of Daemonic entertainers throughout the backwaters of the Empire, tainting villages and settlements with disease. To the backward peasantry of the Empire’s rural settlements, the Master comes across as an exotic and charismatic showman bringing outlandish entertainment into their otherwise dreary lives. It is the Carnival Master’s cunning and clever enchantments that help to keep his minions one step ahead of the patrols of the many Witch Hunter bands that rove the land. Although maintaining the illusion of a non-malicious carnival requires constant vigilance, so they never take part in the various acts and performances.

    Many cultist leaders have experienced the struggles and frustrations when trying to bless all with Nurgles gifts. Nevertheless when they hear about the legend of the first carnival of chaos, many attempt to duplicate its success. While the majority of these startups fail, either destroyed by the inquisition or failing to understanding standard rituals which have lead to particularly horrible magical accidents, some do succeed to become exceptionally large organisations.

    Should the carnival itself come under attack from say roving greenskins or beastmen, the carnival master orders the entire troupe to take arms and instructs each member to play their specific roles as practiced. To the carnival master the battlefield is let another great performance of multiple acts, and perhaps even a good time then ever to perform Nurgles great play. It is an opportunity to have a more direct interaction with their armed audience, inflicting vile sorcery upon all who wish to join their dance.

    Gameplay and Summary

    The only leader option for the carnival of chaos. He is a magic caster lord, and unless mounted he is not expected to do great in melee combat. They can be mounted on a horse, blight bear or a carnival mammoth. Still need to think about what special items he has, but at least he will have some unique variant of the stand or die special ability.

    Carnival Sorcerer

    • (Lore of Nurgle)
    • (Lore of Beasts)
    • (Lore of Shadows)
    The carnival sorcerers are the lesser leaders of the carnival of chaos, although they do not hold as an important role to the tainted leads (when there is one). They are the assistants and heirs of the carnival master that help with the much more magical specific tasks such as inflicting specific mutations onto the troupe, sacrifice preparation and the summoning of daemons. Occasionally they may interact with the spectators performing small-scale magical (literally magic) tricks and other illusions, although claiming that they are not in themselves truly magic why that would be heretical behavior for a wizard.

    Depending on the carnival each sorcerer will have a specific role. While many of the sorcerers have an inclination to the spread of decay and rot, others might use their powers to tame and draw the strength of the various beasts of the carnival. Some meanwhile use their powers for illusion, hiding the true size and nature of the carnival from prying eyes. However they also know some very powerful and destructive spells, that the joyfully unleash to defend the carnival such that it may continue the festivities for another day.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Just lesser sorcerers, not really much to say. Although they do have access to beasts, unlike the carnival master. They can only be mounted on a horse. They have the usual set of magic-caster based abilities.

    Freakshow Mob

    Locked up in shackles and cages, mutants of all shapes and sizes are mocked and degraded by visitors of the carnival. How they ended up in this bleak situation varies from mutant to mutant. Some are the kidnapped residents or the survivors of the Dance of Death, horribly mutated since the event. Alternatively they could be outcast mutants living in the dark corners of the woodlands, tricked into coming with the troupe in promise of protection or otherwise lured in like an animal. Otherwise they are former members of the troupe who have failed in their devotion and duties. The troupe comes up with all matters of reasons of why they are clearly showing mutants. Sometimes they claim that they are going to be send off for burning anyway and this is an educational warning for deviance of Sigmars will. Sometimes they claim they not actually not mutants but paid actors in makeup. Other times they claim that as long as they are in cages they can't hurt anyone and this is allowed by the inquisition. These excuses seem to actually work on the more uneducated populous of the old world.

    Initially the vast majority of mutants are unwilling to serve the carnival in their pestilent fun, with constant attempts of aggression and daemonic sounding chants at the troupe. Therefore the carnival sorcerers, with the assistance of the Brethren lackeys, need to perform a bit of torture here and a little sorcery induced readjustment there. Although it can take some time, eventually the mutants are broken down mentally, learn to shush up and just stare blankly at the pointing and judging onlookers. Many have stitched mouths or fingers and some end up in particularly terrible state. Nevertheless they are expected to accept and endure their miserable conditions in the squalid cages.

    While they are used to attract spectator curiosity, the captured mutants also have another sinister purpose. To summon the daemons of Nurgle for a period of time to join in the Dance of Death, an established ritual is having a substantial amount of winds magic along with the out-of-sight slow sacrifice of these mutants who feel nothing but embraced despair, agony and decay. The servants of the fly god feed on these particular emotions that surround the air of the carnival, and over the centuries the troupe has made it a fine art of the sacrifices needed to fully complete the ritual.

    When bought onto the battlefield they are commonly used as meat shields in order to exhaust the army or even give time for the troupe to escape. After all, there are plenty of mutants in the old world that could take their place.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Not exactly the easiest to get right, and probably a unit where I got the philosophy of Nurgle mostly wrong. Essentially they are an extreme meat shield mob, although on the campaign there could be the option to instantly recruit such units, in comparison to the other units, while in the appropriate stance. They are a bit better than Bretonnian peasant mobs, but are slightly more costly. A proposed strategy would be to poison the enemy through skirmisher and artillery, hold the enemy up for some time with the freakshow units while your DoD meter fills up and then apply the dance of death effect with your close to full strength mid-high tier units. Even then I wonder if I should kick them out.


    • (With Sword and Shield)
    • (With Spear and Shield)
    • (Crossbows)
    Brethren are the crazed and devoted followers of Nurgle the Lord of Decay. They have totally embraced the philosophy of the great Lord of Decay and the path of damnation is the road that they have chosen. Most brethren are infected with foul diseases and some have even started to decay. Their faces are covered in warts, boils and other lesser gifts of their lord, which they hide through carefully covered festive outfits and masks.

    Many desire to join the ranks of the musicians, clowns, jesters or strongmen. However most of the Brethren lack the natural-born talents, mindsets and bodies for these roles. Thus they are eternally damned to minor roles till they rot away. Sometimes they get assigned to stagehand duty, such as setting up a few props for each act. Another potential job is being assigned to guarding the freakshow, occasionally having to stab the freaks with a spear should they get too rowdy (and if worst comes to worst, get out the crossbow).

    Regardless they are treated only slight less expendable as the captive mutants, and should the carnival come under attack they are expected to be the first to sacrifice themselves on the front-lines for the greater good of the troupe.

    Gameplay and Summary

    More low-tier tropes and provide at least a bretonnian tier frontline and rear defense. You would at least field brethren if you want some basic cav protection for your artillery, and furthermore they are the longest ranged skirmisher unit for the whole army.
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    It's more of a Mordheim thing isn't it? If Daemons were lacking for content CA might look to sources outside WHFB, but they're not so I wouldn't bank on seeing the Carnival of Chaos at any point and definitely not until we see Daemons in game 3.
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    Nurglings are tiny Daemons of Nurgle and are viewed by other followers of the pus god as akin to his beloved children. They are like rotten boils with legs and razor sharp teeth. Even as disgusting as they are, nothing compares to how they are often created. A Nurgling grows in the rotting flesh of a Great Unclean One. Like infants, they feed on the nutrients of the mother, though in this case, it is the rancid milk of pestilence. In time, a diet of filth enables the Nurgling to grow large enough to allow it to eat its way out of the wet innards, born to whatever horrid existence it faces.

    Nurglings take great delight in their part in the Carnival of Chaos, mainly as hidden backstage musicians but occasionally as fools and slapstick comedians. Nurglings often befriend the children of each village they visit, often discussing themselves as children, only revealing their foul identity to their terrified victims at the final stage of Nurgle's Great Play.

    When faced with an enemy they advance in a furious swarm, clawing and gnawing at the foe’s legs, biting his ankles and licking at any interesting sores or abrasions they discover. Their tiny teeth are as sharp as razors, leaving festering little bites upon their victims, but rarely killing them outright — although such an attack can prove to be the beginning of a long, disease-ridden demise, as something nasty takes root in the wound. Nurglings are generally more of a nuisance in a fight than any real threat but in sufficient numbers can overwhelm even the toughest of warriors.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Now this is very tricky because I am going by the theory that they could be reinvented to be more goblin sized infantry. Lore wise there is nothing stopping nurglings being a little larger, after all their forms are a reflections of emotions. This will be a unit that is affected by daemon crumbling. I really don't know how the crumbling mechanics for daemons will work in the game.

    Clowns (or alternatively fat fools)

    • (Foul Balloons)
    • (Great Wacky Hammer)
    • (Putrid Juggling Knifes)
    The clowns/fat-fools of the carnival of chaos hold a mid-tier position in the hierarchy, having much more talent then the brethren although lacking the skills and more deadlier diseases of the jesters. They are usually seen outside the main tent or pit-circle, performing small scale but amusing acts. When the carnival doesn't plan on putting on a Dance of Death, and the majority of jesters therefore choose not to waste their time when they could pursue their own interests, the clowns/fat-fools are expected to put in most of the work in entertaining their guests. Unlike the brethren there forms are more repulsive with bloated bellies and other worst facial deformities. Ridiculously large shoes attempt to hide their fat deformed feat. Vast amounts of makeup is applied to their hands and head, along with wearing rather intimidating masks. The pantaloons are especially baggy and fat looking.

    Apart from the recycled set of politically/socially heretical jokes, they do have a few prop-based tricks. Clowns/Fat-fools are surprisingly dexterous with their chubby fingers, and perform all matters of maneuvers with balls or throwing knifes, and can hit a bullseye from more than 30 yards.

    Another of their main tricks is creating animal balloons, with the clowns/fat-fools claiming to be made out of pigs bladder (which is half-true, for the other half is far more sinister). These balloons are made when the clown blows his foul poxridden breath of disease, and even a few flies, multiple times into the balloon skin. Finally he twists and ties knots within the bendy balloon, and attaches a small string before presenting it as a free gift from the carnival. The idea is that the unsuspecting victim will take the balloon home to their neighborhood, preferably in the aristocratic communities. Eventually the balloon will eventually burst, and then the plagues will start to fester across the area. Anyone in close proximity to these popped balloons will be subjected to a horrific popping screech that can cause shakiness, paralysis, confusion and even loss of thought although they will usually come to their senses quickly.

    They adapt these skills and arsenal to the battlefield, wielding duel daggers in which they slash and throw while still maintaining a jubilant and merry altitude. It is also one of the few times that they use the wacky hammer, an extremely heavy blunt weapon in which the hammer appears to be a greenish color but this is due to having tens of thousands of nesting green hornets covering the hammer. They rest on this hammer due to the corrosive pus and sludge covering the head of the hammer, and the clowns/fat-fools carry multiple replacements heads/nests on their hips and back. Only the clowns/fat-fools have both the correct combination of intelligence, bulk and strength to wield such weapons. Anyone capable of surviving a blow from this hammer may realise that the filth is also attached to them leading the aggressive hornets to start rapidly weighting themselves down on the survivor, given a much easier opportunity for the hammer wielding lunatic to strike once again.

    Gameplay and Summary

    The mid-tier unit of the carnival of chaos. Although it would be rather humorous to have them as monstrous infantry, they are more the size of orc big'uns. They are duel-wielding infantry which do high armour-piercing damage, but the majority of the weapon damage is still normal damage. They don't have the highest melee defense and typical infantry armor of around 25-30. They have a small physical resistance and highish overall hitpoints due to the blessings of Nurgle.

    The putrid throwing knifes are poison damage weapons that does a little less armour piercing damage than throwing axes, but has a slightly higher range than throwing axes.

    The “foul balloons” variant is a one use projectile which works similar to the blasting charges of the dwarves. The balloon projectiles doesn't do any damage, but inflicts the standard poison effect, causes a -66% charge bonus and -9 to -15 leadership for the same duration as the poison effect and causes a net effect for 3-6 seconds (not as good as any of the nets though). Just make sure you don't cause friendly fire. If you time it right you can follow up with mass skirmisher fire, magic or artillery.

    The wacky great hammer variant is an armor piercing variant, although the overall damage is not as great as the strongmen weapon strength. Nevertheless it still does cause poison damage and a further drop in melee attack and defense. Useful since they the clowns/fat-fools tend to have low melee defense.

    Plague Bearers

    Plague Bearers are daemons of the Chaos God Nurgle, also known as the Lord of Decay. They can be identified by their cyclopean faces and horrifically decayed bodies. Their entrails hang from tattered holes in their grey-green, poxridden flesh and the aura of death and decay surrounds them. They are sometimes known as the Tallymen of Plagues or Maggotkin and are highly revered by the mortal members of the warband. As with all Daemons they can never be killed or destroyed for good so long as the power of their god prevails.

    However, their presence in the mortal world is tenuous and can only be maintained for long periods by Dark Magic and sacrifice. In the Carnival, the Plague Bearers revel in their showy roles as stage actors and players, dressing in filth encrusted but ostentatious doublet and hose. Who would of thought that creatures whose time is mostly occupied by pestilent bureaucracy, could actually pull off expertly mimicked accents and a great understanding of comedic timing (I guess there is something that they find orderly about a script). When the dance of death they are privileged with the pickings of victims and sacrifices, and tallying up the different diseases that exponentially increased in potency when the ritual was performed.

    But be it on the stage or on a chaotic field of battle, the plague bearers are always willing to spread disease as all they wish for is to share their father's gifts with everyone.

    Gameplay and Summary

    They are going to be more or less unchanged as the daemons of chaos variants of the daemons of chaos, except they now have this Dance of Death rule that effects there degeneration. I don't know if CA are going to give the units armour-sundering, in my opinion that would be thematic for what the daemons are. Design wise they should have a bit more of a carnival theme going for them.

    Tainted Jesters (or the Tainted Ones)

    • (Bladed Poll)
    • (Putrid Juggling Knifes)
    • Tainted Lead
    The main talent of the carnival of chaos are the Tainted Jesters. When not performing they are often heavily robed and protected by powerful enchantments, for they are so wracked with disease and mutation that it is unsafe for even the other mortal members of the warband to touch their bare skin. The bodies are plump, but have shrunken over the many parasites within the jesters which devour their muscle and bones from the inside-out. Although they could just regain and or even improve upon their short structure through vast consumption of replacement flesh, this is a strict diet they subject themselves in order to perform their roles. When on stage, with their magical shackles taken off, they leap and prance about the audience, dressed as jesters, when the Carnival is performing, laughing and joking with the gathered throng while infecting them with their multitude of horrendous maladies. Followers of the other gods usually stereotype devotees of Nurgle of being bloated and slow to react. The tainted jesters however are an exception to this, being acrobatic and with quick reflexes despite their rather stout structure.

    These twisted creatures are exceptionally dangerous opponents in combat too, carrying two daggers dripped with their own blood and special poison. They are also much more skilled with throwing knifes then the clowns. Furthermore the specialty weapon is the bladed pole, a former long balancing pole used for tight ropes or other stunts being fitted with two toxic sharp spear tips on both ends, which protects from both the front and their flanks and combined with the deceptive strength of a jester can easily jab a knight off his horse.

    The Tainted Leads act as the second-in-command of the carnival, not only responsible for organising job roles and assisting with other leadership duties, but also playing a very important role in the carnival. Not only must their devotion and skill exceed the rest of the talent, they must have the willpower and endurance to have the dreaded Nurgles Rot within their bodies. There has been time periods lasting for centuries where there has been no tainted lead simply because almost no mortal could be identified to even handle it, and eventually all tainted leads will be consumed by the rot (becoming heralds of Nurgle). If they are able to survive it then they are essentially the star of the show, responsible for making sure as many of the spectators are infected with the incurable disease as possible. They are the role model for all tainted jesters to inspire too.

    Gameplay and Summary

    I hope I got the concept of Nurgles rot correct, because I am not sure if this is a common diseases that all of Nurgles followers have or not. Anyway these are the main “human” actors of the troupe, the other actors being plague bearers.

    While they have less armor piercing and hitpoints then the clowns, given that the clowns themselves are much larger in structure, they make up for it with better melee attack/defense and a large anti-infantry bonus. Furthermore one will have an anti-large with the bladed poles but will lose the anti-infantry bonus. They are also the fastest foot infantry unit in the roster.

    There is also the skirmisher variant that uses the putrid throwing knifes. Although unlike the clowns, the tainted jesters have fire whilst moving and can shoot in all directions. They still have the same short range.

    The Tainted Lead is your typical assassin hero character, that cause a lot of debuffs on single targets such as armour sundering, poison etc. The tainted lead can also be mounted on stilts which changes the hero to a primarily anti-large damage dealer or a blight bear for a mix of monstrous shock cavalry and armour piercing, I will explain these mounts later.
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    Roster List Summary

    Legendary Lords

    • Papa Noigul, the first carnie

    • Mordecai


    • Carnival Master (Lore of Nurgle)

    • Carnival Master (Lore of Shadows)


    • Tainted Lead

    • Disgusting Musician

    • Carnival Sorcerer (Lore of Nurgle)

    • Carnival Sorcerer (Lore of Beasts)

    • Carnival Sorcerer (Lore of Shadows)

    Melee Infantry

    • Freakshow Mob

    • Brethren (Sword and Shield)

    • Brethren (Spear and Shield)

    • Nurglings

    • Clowns

    • Clowns (Foul Balloons)

    • Clowns (Wacky Great Weapon)

    • Plague Bearers

    • Tainted Jesters

    • Tainted Jesters (Bladed Poll)

    • Strongmen

    Skirmisher Infantry

    • Brethren (Crossbows)

    • Clowns (Putrid Juggling Knifes)

    • Tainted Jesters (Putrid Juggling Knifes)

    Calvary and Skirmisher Cavarly

    • Pestilent Unicycle Clown Riders

    • Pestilent Unicycle Clown Riders (Putrid Juggling Knifes)

    • Laughing Jester Riders

    • Laughing Jester Riders (Bladed Poll)

    • Blight Bear Riders

    Flying Units

    • Verminous Ballons

    • Verminous Ballon Riders

    • Verminous Ballon Clown Riders

    Monsters and Monstrous Infantry

    • Blight Seals

    • Blight Bears

    • Chaos Spawn

    • Stilt Walkers

    • Stilt Walkers (Putrid Juggling Knifes)

    • Carnival Mammoth

    • Carnival Mammoth (Orchestra of Plague)

    • The Rusted Rotten Amalgamation

    Warmachines and Artillery

    • Plague Cart

    • Vociferous Plague Cart

    • Plague Firework Launcher

    • Mud Cake Catapult

    There are a few important points I would like to say, in which I hope you read before critiquing some of these ideas.

    • MOST IMPORTANTLY the army roster and mechanics are sort of rushed and unfinished, mainly because I wanted to get this out before Halloween but I have been quite busy. There is definitely some issues of synergy and how each unit interacts with one another. Next Halloween, or perhaps a few weeks after the announcement of game 3, I will post an updated list.

    • Yes I do realise that clowns were actually a product of the late industrial era, while the Empire is more set in the early-mid industrial era. I have alternative names for them, as well as for other units, if that bothers you. Also please don't ask me how old-fashioned balloons work, I can't find any information on what pigs bladder balloons were like and how flexible they were.

    • On a more important note there was been some confusion whether the carnival of chaos was retconned to become the carnival of Nurgle. The two are completely different, as the carnival of Nurgle consists entirely out of daemons, the ring master is a great unclean one, while the former has cultists doing with some Nurgle daemons. Furthermore the carnival of Nurgle is more magic based, in terms of how it appears out of nowhere and then just vanishes once the dirty deeds are done. My lore is still sticking to the whole cultists being in charge of the carnival overall, especially since they did appear in Vermintide 2. Also I always prefer the mortal followers of chaos in comparison to the daemons themselves.

    • I will like give a special thanks to kitbasher “Roberto” for designing these brilliant looking conversions that I use to illustrate the look and feel of the army. Just keep in mind that the pictures displayed are ideas on what each unit might look like, many units would share similar designs, especially since a lot of the examples I show use Daemons within the models and seem to be more based off from the carnival of nurgle from 3rd edition RPG.

    • Finally I am trying my best with the lore while still being imaginative, so forgive me if I get a few facts about Nurgles and their cultists slightly incorrect. I am not a heretic, I am just slightly ignorant.

    Unique Battle Rules and Conditions

    I don't know if this is possible for something like Total War to calculate this, but basically depending how long each enemy unit is affected by the poison attribute you fill up some meter called “The Dance of Death” (DoD) with a bound maximum. It doesn't have to poison, it could be some other unique negative attribute in which only certain infantry/monsters can inflict. Certain spells may also increase this meter. You can activate the DoD anytime, however you must be careful not to activate it too early.

    When activated, the vast majority of units will gain a mortis engine like effect in melee. These units include,

    • All Lords and Heroes

    • Jester units (including cavalry and monstrous infantry)

    • Clown units (including cavalry)

    • Daemon units (including the Rusted Rotten Amalgamation)

    • Blight Seals, Bears and Mammoths

    • Plague Cart units

    You would also be able to summon several daemon units simultaneously i.e they are very low cooldown summons. At minimum you can summon one unit of nurglings. When the meter is half way full you can additionally summon one unit of plague bearers. When the meter is filled up you can summon one nurgling unit and two plague bearer unit. During the DoD you are expected to finish off and win the battle. However if the meter has run out all units will suffer from “Overtime”. This condition removes the mortis engine effect (except for tainted leads) and gives them permanent negative stats to all the units leadership, melee defense, charge bonus and all forms of weapon strength for the rest of the battle. Furthermore all daemon units will start to degrade immediately, although the degradation is stopped should the army rout due to losses.

    Under these conditions it means that skirmisher cavalry will really counter this army, on the other hand they also have their own skirmisher cavalry even if it is fairly short ranged. Furthermore it is important that you mid-tier infantry do not too beat, as the dance of death still does not prevent routing.

    Unique Campaign Rules and Conditions

    I am still not sure how they would play in the campaign, at the very least they are most definitely a horde faction. Setting up a carnival is kind of stupid if there is no way the enemy faction will happily watch their performance (a typical high elf is a sucker for cheap carny food .... right). There could be some rules about trying to create a balanced and diverse entertainment that punishes your army if there is too many of the same unit, however that could be really annoying and limiting in terms of gameplay style.
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    Thanks for reading so far, because this is where the roster is about to get REALLY CRAZY.

    Strong Men

    Nurgle’s foul attention has transformed what were once men into massive, statuesque creatures rippling with diseased muscles and a supernatural vigour. Strongmen are immensely strong individuals and their part in the masquerade is performing feats of strength to entertain the crowds. They are nearly always hooded in the nature of executioners for although their bodies appear outwardly strong and healthy, their faces are often riddled with disease and are half-decayed. Clothing is given here and there, to hide other bodily mutations too. The strong men are almost as notoriously stupid as trolls, the decay reaching their brains. They consistently need overwatch and instruction from brethren in case they interact with the spectators the wrong way, where the strong men are occasionally the cause of an early end of show (usual reason is when he chooses to take/rip off his hood to scratch his face) followed by attempting to outrun the witch hunters. Therefore their only contribution is showing off their raw strength.

    In battle, they wield huge hammers and flails with reckless abandon, whirling them around their heads like children’s toys. They also have a habit of staring at squashed corpses and then whirling them around their heads like children's toys too.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Really just your standard high-tier armour piercing unit. Although they sacrifice armour for higher physical and ranged resistances. They have a very hp pool, better weapon strength and higher speed to the clowns/fat-fools. They do not do poison damage.

    Pestilent Unicycle Riders

    • (Putrid Throwing Knifes)
    The clowns/fat-fools have a dilemma in terms of the types of mounts that can use for their performances, they are too bulky to ride upon emaciated horses and the privilege of riding a tamed blight bear that will accept a rider goes to the jesters. This is why they consider massive unicycles, with wheels and seats large enough to accommodate the oversized mutants. This very unusual one wheeled contraption has its origins in Tilea created by Gian Te Dompotti da Luccini, although it has been rumored that he stole the design after his former teacher being the legendary Leonardo da Miragliano had a fatal accident. Although it has failed to gain popularity in other parts of the old world, the carnivals which do travel across almost the whole old world have picked up on this comedic looking mode of transport. To have the unicycle have any motion the rider turns attached peddles with his legs which causes the wheel to spin forward, but the unicycle has another secret to pick up momentum. In the center of the wheel, between the large cranks, exists a small nurgling who in fact puts most of the driving work in keeping the wheel spinning by moving his tiny stunted legs at abnormal speed. It is up to the clown/fat-fools to keep the unicycle balanced and not tip sideways.

    Not all carnivals have the skills to make the unicycles themselves, although brethren who do eventually learn how to hand-craft each unicycle are treated well in the hierarchy and are blessed with gifts for a longer life such that the carnival can maintain such skills. The clowns/fat-fools continue to perform the same set of tricks of juggling and joke telling, except now they are doing it while moving around on a seat, held up a pole and attached to a wheel.

    However the clowns/fat-fools use the unicycles as a way to get quickly around their flanks of the enemy, a task in which they would usually struggle with. Forced to cycling a much faster speed then they usually do when entertaining, no thanks to the Nurgling and even by Nurgle standards it is not exactly a pleasant experience for the rider, they ram into the enemy army using the same combat style as if there were unmounted. Although after the long-winded battle they may discover that they may not be able to walk, at worse having their legs outright detach from their bodies.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Come on guys, I need a few centerpiece units that look ridiculous yet serious at the same time. Also the reference picture I have presented is kind of based off from a bicycle design sketch created by one of Leonardo da Vincis students, so imagine the some sort of materials but except the bicycle is in a form of a large and filty unicycle.

    In a similar way that most Nurgle units act, the unicycle riders are not really shock cavalry. They do have some shock troop options in the form of the blight bears and mammoths, but otherwise all unicycle riders have a small charge bonus. They are supposed to be a stay and fight type of cavalry such as questing knights. Like typical cavalry units they have the half of the usual size as infantry and are very mobile.

    They also have access to throwing knifes, but they have to be stand still in order to throw them. The throwing knife variant should have slight worse.

    Verminous Balloons

    • Riders
    • Clown Riders
    High above the carnival are numerous floating balloons, attached to tents and polls, made of animal skin (at least that's what their troupe claims) shaped in many different animals and other mascot-like figures. Whatever the form they take they usually have arms and legs, with small cut holes. However it is not air that lifts these balloons, but tens of millions of biting diseased insects that bash and collide within the balloon. They are specifically bred in hives, hidden in small carts and tents. Depending on the circus these insect are usually green hornets or other winged vermin that Nurgle so favours.

    To actually control such insects, a carnival sorceror must connect the minds of these insects to one of the more willing brethren. These insects are then controlled by the hive mind of the host, which can only be present if all the insects are in close proximity with each other such as being contained within a jar or a balloon. After some practice the brethren can see through the insects eyes and control their movements. Although it does lead him to a very twitchy state and occasionally attempting to climb up a wall.

    For the vast majority of the carnival they spy on the audience or approaching hostilities, and communicate with the carnival master and or other higher-ups either directly or through subtle sign language given by the arms/legs of the balloon. When the final act is made they lower themselves to the ground and hunt down any potential escapees, they don't want them to miss out in the festivities after all.

    In combat a balloon floats towards the target, and flails its arms with a combined force of a million insects making it equivalent to blunt hammer blows. Should an aggressor successfully burst one of the balloons, millions of insects will lash out in one last ditch effort. This aftershock, however, causes both the insects and the brethren to be reduced to a vegetative state. Sometimes members of the troupe may be airlifted by these balloons. How is this accomplished for a balloon that is usually smaller then the rider itself? Simply by a single rope attached to the balloon in which is tied around the rider. Of course the riders can be stuck spinning around should the balloon move at an awkward direction, although their putrid vomit could be considered a weapon in itself, but at least it does allow for the troupe to apply aerial pressure on the battlefield.

    Gameplay and Summary

    So not only do we have evil balloons, you literally have carnies hanging off from them. No more ridiculous than the deck droppers. Originally I had the idea of having the riders literally use one arm to grip onto a small rope for a much more comedic effect. Although it wouldn't of made a lot sense given that there was a much more sensible solution of typing up the really large rope around the rider. As for the whole possession thing, this has been done with other chaos monsters such as the slaughterbrute, although this is a less stable and sophisticated form of possession.

    The basic balloon has no rider and are like hawk riders which do armor piercing damage and have roughly the same unit count. They are fast but have low armor so they can be countered by flying tarpits like fell bats or harpies, or even low tier non-ap ranged units. The rider variant is a flying skirmisher unit with the rider being a Brethren armed with a crossbow, however it will do less weapon damage in melee. Meanwhile the clown rider has a clown gripping onto the balloon, with the unit doing extra weapon + AP damage and a few stat changes here and there.

    However when a individual balloon is killed, it essentially has the same deathblow rule like the slayers and the keepers of the flame. The deathblow applies damage + poison, or some other similar debuff like plague of flies, for a short time period.

    Carnival Blight Seals

    In the sea of claws and the edges of the chaos wastes exists these large, fat and foul smelling predators. They are social sea dwelling creatures who hunt in packs to attack solitary sea beasts, and have learned to bash holes in ships in order to sink them. However they are surprisingly effective killers on land, and every Norscan living near the coast must always ready their javelins during the day or night. Their slug like torsos constantly emit a sticky and disease ridden liquid substance, but is also very slippery. This unholy sweat allows them to slide at fast speed using their two powerful fins on the sides of their bodies for momentum and direction. They can launch themselves in the air using there fins and either deliver knockout blows to their prey or rip them apart.

    Luring in a pack of the seals is difficult as they only migrate near Nordland within a small time period in the Imperial calendar. However some carnivals have learned that by cooking up a combination of flesh and very specific types of unnatural fruit from the Drakwald forest they can create an incredibly stenchful meal in which the blight seals catch the scent of it from miles away. They instantly dive right into this drugged bait on the ground such that the carnival has an easier time in caging some of them, a task that usually ends with a few chewed up brethren.

    Providing they are well fed, and they are not picky eaters, blight seals are surprisingly tamable and loyal creatures. Some carnivals have families of these seals lasting for several generations. As most of their bodies are repulsive, the carnival tends to dress them up from tail fin to neck despite the ceaseless and repulsive sweat still leaking out the suit. Spectators though seem to find the blight seal heads comical and endearing, although a bit of makeup is needed to hide any small scale mutations, and the shape of the muzzles allows the seals to delicately balance balls and other props with their noses. Otherwise they still maintain their affinity for swimming, and can perform a range of stunts in large bodies of water.

    When bought to war the carnival places a foul balloon on their backs, and they have been taught that by having this balloon on their back they are to attack the foe relentlessly as if they were in the wild and not stop should they lose the balloon. When within range they carefully move the balloons from their backs to their noses, then launch the balloons into the air and then give a gust of wind with their tails to drift the balloon towards the direction of the enemy. The bursting of the balloons confuses and disorientates the enemy before the seals attack with their poisoned fangs and powerful maws. There thick hides and bulk allows them to shrug off most forms of assault. Should the battle be won, then comes the obnoxious task of stopping them from persistently biting or any of the brethren by mistake.

    Gameplay and Summary

    CHAOS PINNIPEDS ......... I actually went there. Really I could of come up with something like circus dogs, but this would of been the fourth time that we would see some variant of the chaos warhounds. So I thought about suggesting something a little different. Design wise they have the top half of an male elephant seal, but the bottom half of a slug. I am trying to figure out if they can have heads that resemble elephant seals, and can still balance a balloon on their noses. Also I am not calling real life male elephant seals ugly, okay they are a bit ugly but I support all conservation efforts for these particularly species of pinnipeds.

    What is kind of interesting is that they are a fast warhound with a one-use projectile. One strategy could be to get to the frontlines quickly, throw their plague balloons that stun the army (allowing more time for vortexes/skirmishers/artillery) and then quickly retreat. They have roughly the same combat stats as chaos warhounds with poison but have far higher hit-points, a large armor rating, a large charge bonus (due to their mass) and perhaps a little slower then warhounds. Otherwise they should have the aquatic special rule, and the same unit size as ice wolfs (furthermore they are counted as a large unit).
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    Umm.... Well this is sort of impressive.

    How much of it actually has source material? Carnival of Chaos was a Mordhiem thing so its hard to believe that they had Warmachines or Artillery.
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    Blight Bears

    • Riders
    The blight bears are the mistreated captive and broken bears of the carnival, and a sad parody of the majestic beasts that they once were. Teeth rotten away, with some replaced with makeshift false teeth. Their fur matted or not growing with various scars and bloated infections around their body. Their orvices covered in feces and giant wiggling worms. Although nothing more than just simply fully dressing up the bear in decorated leather can't hide. After all it is not like the audience is going to care if the massive beast is in these uncomfortable clothes or wearing makeup or a carnies hat.

    Spectators are always interested in exotic animals, and the carnival usually tries to host as many impressive and varying beasts as possible. However bears are the most local and easiest to obtain animals for the carnival, either traded through Kislev or the Empire or alternatively captured by the troupe themselves. The bear is treated terribly with absolutely no freedom to explore its surroundings, disciplinary action should the bear display too much hostility towards its handlers, constant training exercises to perform humiliating stunts and a poor diet of rotten meats. Even worse the carnival masters and sorcerers attempt to inflict certain mutational traits on these bears. When the process works and does not turn the bear into a gibbering chaos spawn, their saliva and nostrils become a home of pathogens that become outright hazardous for mortals. So when they do present these bears for the audience to interact with, the idea is for the bear is to give a slight sniff and blow, or even lick, the faces of the spectators. Alternatively they are used on stage or in the plays performing unnatural poses or as a comedic living prop. Jesters perform all sorts of tricks with the blight bears, and many onlookers are impressed by the jesters courage and acrobatic ability on these supposedly dangerous animal.

    In battle the carnival uses the blight bears to deal a crushing force to armored force and the mobility allows them to easily flank the enemy. It is one of the few times that the bear can act like itself and an opportunity to actually eat something that is not decayed and expired. Jesters may also ride them into battle, with the jester casually dancing around the bears large back avoiding thrusts of swords and spears, while swinging infectious duel blades while maintaining perfect balance .

    Gameplay and Summary

    I am not trying to steal Kislev's thunder by suggesting bear units or bear riders for the carnival of chaos. I picked an animal that was tragically exploited and would hit the heart strings, this was a choice between lions or bear but I thought that the carnival would have an easier time getting access to bears. I call them blight bears, because not only will they armor piercing attacks but they will also inflict poison damage. While the war bears and bear riders of Kislev will have better armor and charge bonus, the blight bears will have a higher physical resistance and slightly worse melee attack/defense stats. Their unit size should be between demigrpyh knights at the very least and cold one riders at the most. The addition of the rider give better stats, notably the inclusion of an anti-infantry bonus.

    Also I am not posting a reference image for this unit, I really don't want to type in “tortured circus bears” on google images.

    Chaos Spawn

    The constant number of magical rituals, requests for gifts and/or exposure to daemonic entities may eventually cause any of the troupe, be it freak or carnival master, to mutate rapidly into a chaos spawn. For many an in-trainee Brethren, it is a common fate. A chaos spawn is too repulsive to even display in the freak cages. Therefore the troupe use them as a form of livestock for the freaks, animals or even themselves. An alternative use is to set them on the front lines and end their miserable existence. So what if it has been hit with arrows and blasted with magic a few times, it is still edible.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Exactly the same as the chaos warrior variant. Really no difference in price and stats. Maybe put a carnies hat on the head to differentiate them.

    Stilt Walkers

    • (+ Putrid Throwing Knifes)
    Jesters use stilts, along with other props such as balancing polls and juggling props, to perform feats of incredible balance and exotic acrobatics. They can be especially useful when they the jesters desire to lean over to the back of the audiences, or carefully walk upon specifically placed poles within the seated areas such that the jester walks above the head of the audience to spread his pestilent filth. However there stilts are surprisingly durable, for behind the long legged and stitched pantaloons is sowed in meat and caked mud, which is used to further enhance all plagues. Any normal man would not be able to lift these stilts up with their legs, and although the jesters are far from normal it still takes the best among their kind to be able to perform acrobatic long leaps with these heavy stilts without falling face flat to the ground.

    The stilts are also bought into battle and allows the jesters to move around easily, carefully jumping over enemy lines. However what the jesters would ideally like to do is to get close up to a monsters weak point, or even smacking there entire bodies near a giants eyes and nose. Combined with long bladed poles a group of stilt walkers can plague and kill any large beast in seconds, while simultaneously dancing around the monsters attempts to hit the stilts themselves.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Monstrous-Infantry unit that primarily specializes in killing large entities. Specifically using bladed poles, but the anti-large bonus is essentially 2-3 times higher than the standard tainted jesters the actual weapon damage making each unit reliable against monsters. While they are squishy, they actually have a high melee defense for a monstrous infantry unit. However the appeal is that they they have an active ability where they do not get bogged down in unit mass and can temporarily walk right through units although can still take damage from ranged fire. They also have throwing knifes, however they don't have the same line of sight issues that plague other units (they still carry a bladed pole though). Otherwise they are a specialty unit and they won't do that much damage against infantry, so you should only bring two at maximum.

    Carnival Mammoth

    • (Orchestra of Plague)
    The most fantastic and largest beast that the carnival dares to host are the great mammoths that trample across Norsca and the Chaos wastes. The chaos mammoths are a tainted and savage race of mammoths that have been transformed by the raw and mutating powers of Chaos into beasts of destruction. These massive creatures, whose footfalls shake the earth like thunder, are capable through sheer bulk and roused fury of demolishing buildings, trampling forests flat and crushing anything smaller than themselves into an unrecognisable, bloody smear. These behemoths are extremely uncommon for the carnival to own, and throughout each carnivals history not one has owned more than one mammoth at a time.

    Even the troupe is nervous about the type of tricks they can perform, with the most impressive trick is getting the beast to stand on their two fit for a minute followed by the resulting tremor like impact when the mammoth regains contact with the ground. Usually the more safer tricks is for it stand still and occasionally move its trunks as jesters dance around its body, the mammoths themselves are quite resilient to the plagues carried by the troupe. The mammoth is notorious for going rogue. Even when thought to be tamed, if they feel like completely buggering off there is very little the carnival can do to stop it. Only sorcerers with exceptional skill can try and trick the beast into staying with the troupe. On some occasions, they would place the mammoth near the entrance of the carnival where a large orchestra booms its repetitive and hypnotic beat for several miles.

    Regardless the mammoth is the most destructive beast that the troupe will bring to the battlefield which few mortals have a hope of standing firm against against it. Sometimes the carnival orchestra comes into battle onto the war mammoth, with music of indecent blasphemy that hypes up the carnival with reckless courage.

    Gameplay and Summary

    You don't need a reference picture for these creatures, we already have seen the art from the norsca release. However just imagine the war mammoth except with less armour and much more decorated circus patterns. Otherwise not that much difference.

    The Orchestra of plague variant basically gives the same buffs to the units as the vociferous plague cart being more leadership, higher melee attack and immune to psychology.. However it gives this buff at a much higher radius than the cart.
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    The Rusted Rotten Amalgamation (The main centerpiece unit of the Carnival of Chaos)

    There was once a carnival called the Family Von Sturchheim Dwarfen Circus of Mechanical Marvels, or alternatively named as “The Smoke”, and was considered to be the greatest show in the old world. It's biggest appeal was how it consisted entirely of steam-driven rides and marvels. It was run by the Dwarfen engineers of the renowned Von Sturchheim family (not that they dare tell anyone what their true clan name used to be, their former hold invaded and all). Many years ago the family sought funding to build their incredible machines. Collaborating with the humans of the Empire, their carnival was an instant success, and in their first year they visited many of the great noble houses of the Empire. On the second year the demand for their carnival was even greater!

    However one day, during a move from Altdorf to Nuln, the carnival outright vanished. It is unknown what exactly the circumstances were that let to their disappearance. Nevertheless the rides conveniently fell into the dirty fingers of one of the carnivals of chaos. However the rides started to degrade and needed repairs after using them for a month or so. Lacking the engineering skills of the dwarves, the carnival master and sorcerers pleaded with Nurgle to bring the rides back to operation with the promise that they would be used to create an even more appealing show that would attract people from all walks of life. Luckily Nurgle looks especially brightly (or blightly) on the carnivals as being the most successful fly-god cults in the old world and granted their request. Each machine became possessed by an untold number of nurglings, and the rides were not only once again moving but also became sentient although it depended on the strength of the winds of magic in the local area. Over the many years the rides have lost their cleanliness and visual appeal, but not their capacity for fun and thrills.

    When the final act is drawn the machines become torture devices for those who couldn't bother to watch the main act, however if aggressive threats appear then what happens next is truly breathtaking and horrifying. Each ride starts to uproot themselves and crawl towards each other, and then start to fuse together to form a terrifying colossus of metal and filth. The “Mighty (Dwarfen) Warrior” forms the base of the abomination. The “Whirly Spin” rearranges itself to form multiple long insect-like legs and feet around the lower-half of the base, lifting the amalgamation slightly off the ground. The “Brain Shacker” splits itself to form the arms of the monster. The “Color Spectacular” becomes an armed flamethrower of noxious fumes on either the left or right arm. The other arm meanwhile is fitted with the oversized “Great Wheel of Destiny”, used to crush small entities or deliver spinning shredding blows to large foes. Multiple Gyrocopter roters are latched onto its back and other parts of its body, allowing for the amalgamation to take flight. Finally any other scrap starts to bend and reshape to form a head resempling that of a rot fly or a jester-like nurgling.

    Anyone to face this dreaded flying amalgamation risks a horrifying death of tainted gas and grinded bones, as it approaches its victims at terrifying speed.

    Gameplay and Summary

    GO GO NURGLE RANGERS, PLAGUEZORD ACTIVATED. Essentially the Queen Bess of the army, in which only one can be fielded, it is a heavily armored large golem made up of fairground rides. The best way to describe its appearance is resembling that of a daemon soul grinder, except much more cheerful and colourful. Note that the lore is actually based on an actual carnival mentioned in Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition, of course the unit itself I completely made up. Anyway if daemons can get stuck in swords and whatnot, why can't a few less daemons get stuck in a machine (I know it feels a little 40K here, but I think this is roughly acceptable).

    Unlike the other single entity monsters, the amalgamation can actually fly. Mostly acting as an anti-large melee combatant, it does actually have a flamethrower projectile that it can shoot from a distance that is effective against infantry. Of course flying irondrakes are really OP against factions that don't have great aerial or ranged capabilities, i.e greenskins, so its noxious flumes attack is more like a 2-3 use breath weapon in the same vain as a dragon. What makes it scary is that while it is slower than dragons on the ground, meaning that it has a hard time getting back up in the air if it is under constant pressure, it is actually quite very fast when in the air. It should have the same leadership/routing rules that dictate daemon degradation, whatever those are going to be.

    Plague Carts

    • Vociferous Plague Cart
    Bedecked in the colourful, garish finery of the coaches of traveling players and thespians, the plague cart easily draws the eyes of the dull and bland peasantry of the villages. However, the canvas is tattered and rotten, the frame splintered and bent, the metalwork pitted and rusted and the steeds rotted and dank. Few mortals have ever seen the interior of the largest and most sinister of these vehicles for it is only the carnival master, his second in commands and his temporary daemonic guests of honor that are permitted entry.

    Smaller carts however are bought into the battlefield, its very presence encourages the troupe to fight for the benevolence of Nurgle. Some carts are more larger where nurglings and other brethren play an assorted of ear-piercing and ugly sounding music. The blasphemous tunes makes the troupe forgot about the other horrors that they could face and merrily hack, spit, rub and slash against the enemy. Although driven by emaciated horses, the cart is in fact quite fast and potentially at the right angle can break and panic a formation. Some hear a comedic sounding drum sound as they are crushed under its wheels.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Basically a grail relique, and an upgrade grail relique. Unlike the corpse cart, the plague cart has a decent speed and can be used as mediocre chariot or to route off infantry. The first variant just gives better leadership and a very small buff to all units melee attack (+3 to 5). The latter gives even better leadership, higher melee attack and immune to psychology. This unit is more important for a brethren or freakshow mob frontline, not to mention it is unit that can somewhat escape danger.

    Plague Firework Launcher

    The opening of a grand event, one that features a particularly notorious dance, is notified by the launching of brightly colored fireworks in the night sky. While such launching of explosions in the air is usually met by the local militia, a few coin bribes here and there reinsures that there is no malicious intention or dangerous witchcraft.

    What nobody in the settlement does notice is that the fireworks are in fact luminescent clouds of airborne spores and pathogens. The true purpose of the carnival firework launchers is in fact to spread as much pestilence in the carnival area and also miles outside the launchsite, infecting cattle with disease and sprouting unusual parasite plant growth only found in the likes of the Drakwald forest. Even when the dance of death is being performed, the fireworks still continue to be launched into the air. However only a few carnivals have the expertise in firework development, and the process is delicate such that there is enough gunpowder to launch the fireworks in the air but not to much to destroy the spores.

    Some of the launchers can be angled in such a way that they are act more like artillery. Sometime brethren will launch a mass number of fireworks against the approaching army. Despite their small likelihood of actually hitting the army it still sends huge clouds of smoky colored spores all other the battlefield, and slow the enemy down for other troupe to perform their own roles. Alternatively they may use much larger rockets, usually saved for the finale of their fireworks display, which more effective at striking larger targets but still is inaccurate in comparison to some of the bolt throwers used by the elder races. Nevertheless every little rocket helps in Nurgles great play.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Basically sort of like an eagle claw bolt thrower, with two ranged options. However the thing is that unlike the scattershot ammo, the plague firework launcher has more explosion damage but is very inaccurate and has an extremely wide spread. Not to mention that the explosion damage is pretty small as well. However what does mean is that more units will have a chance of being infected with poison, which builds up the DoD meter. The larger firework is basically an armour piercing and anti-large firework, although that itself can be inaccurate too.
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    The carnival is cool... and I loved it since the Mordheim days... but it is no army, just a small wierdly cool warband...

    I could see it as a part of a greater Nurgle warhost or just mentioned in the bachground flavor texts... both would be fine by me...

    Looking at realistically at TWW: I guess we won't see them as models... maybe only mentioned cameo-like in the event texts...
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    Daemons are enough, I prefer more bird and tiger people than more daemons
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    I shouldn't have read this before bed.

    It's unique, no denying that but I don't see it happening. Maybe as a rogue army though.
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    It's a Mordheim group. Let em stick it with Nurgle.
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    Okay I am going to be busy for the next 8-9 hours. I am going to post two more unit descriptions. I may post the LL once I am happy with their background and theme.

    Also please do not treat this list too seriously, like most of you have. I recognize that this army is extremely unlikely to make it in WH3. This is just a little Halloween fun, and it is also a proposed list that nobody else in this forum has tried defining before. It makes a nice change from the constant suggestions of halflings and amazons.

    Mud Cake Catapult

    One of the more riskier stunts is the launching of jesters in the air and making an incredibly miraculous landing, and a stunt that very few carnivals attempt to try. There is something incredible to the spectators about the troupe being launched into the air and either directly landing on some prop or filthy water (and survive). This is done by the use of small scale catapults. There also a been a few attempts of similar stunts with stolen cannons, but so far the only result that the carnival is the “testing volunteers” inside being burned and blown up.

    Of course when larger ranges are needed, the catapults are adjusted by the payload spring, the type of bucket and pole it uses such that it resembles that of a war catapult. However what is most foul is the type of ammunition they use. The repulsive mud cake ammunition is a gut-wenching combination of feces, rotten food/flesh and all topped with colorful fungus for the sugaring coating (and multiple nurglings who just couldn't resist diving head first into this delicious treat). Some of are never used in the carnival, and the only purpose is for the carnival to defend themselves agaisn't threats. Anyone close by the impact of the launched mud cake, if not outright squashed by the heavy solidified filth, will find their eyes water, being unable to breath and a strange biting sensation as nurglings make one last effort to naw and scratch as their bond between the mortal plane breaks.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Now I was considering stereotype circus cannons, but I think that is a bit too sophisticated for the time era. Therefore we are sticking with catapults.

    Basically your standard catapult and causes the same type of debuffs as the plague claw catapult, except it has a much larger explosion effect. It gets most of its damage by the explosion damage, and otherwise causes very little damage when hit on single entities. It also causes a very short one-two second mortis engine effect for any units within the aura of where the mud-cake lands, this is not that useful against high hp entities. I could consider a further speed debuff with successful contact.

    Disgusting Musician

    Carrying an assortment of bashing drums and taxidermized horns around his body, his mutated skin fused with the very same instruments, the carnival musician is responsible for the overall background and festive feel of the carnival. The overall melody of clashing instruments that he so favors is unimaginative and repetitive, its the same verse of three chords over and over again, and would make any daemonette want to rip apart the musician for such lazy and unappealing musical art.

    He is responsible for teaching the newest set of nurglings the splendid songs of plague used in the carnival. The little nurglings though are thankfully quick learners, or maybe because he hasn't got that much to teach in the first place. He must make sure that the musicians are appropriately placed around the carnival such that this obnoxious and hypnotic tune is all that people will hear unless in very close proximity with one another, the last thing onlookers would like to hear is the muffled screaming of caged/sacrificed mutants or alternatively the actual horrifying sounds of daemons coming out of the realm of chaos. When well disguised he happily prances around the carnival, getting a good feel of how many victims will be present for the main event.

    On the battlefield, he gives charming melodies and visions of life and Nurgles caring embrace. Such music effects the rest of the troupe, remembering what they are fighting for, and to take a more defensive stature. However as he literally gets involved into combat his tune changes, the visions become reminiscent of the angry meaninglessness of the world and thoughts of pain and suffering. The mood makes the troupe more aggressive as untapped strength is released their bodies. Furthermore he can fully concentrate his twisted melodies and lyrics on specific individuals, filling them with dread and the inevitable doom that they will soon face.

    Gameplay and Summary

    Basically your buff hero unit. Now I am not sure if his buffs should change depending on whether he is in combat or not, or if could be a togable option like the wood elf wardancers. His buffs do stack with other units buffs, unlike how the vociferous plague cart and orchestra of plague chaos mammoth have buffs that do not stack. He could also have an ability that debuffs single unit or hero/lord entities.
  • Omega_WarriorOmega_Warrior Registered Users Posts: 1,401
    lol that actually looks pretty awesome. Probably would never happen, but a pretty cool write-up anyway.
  • OdTengriOdTengri Registered Users Posts: 10,096

    lol that actually looks pretty awesome. Probably would never happen, but a pretty cool write-up anyway.

    That's Basically how I feel about the whole thing.
  • tyrannustyrannus Registered Users Posts: 1,231
    edited October 2018
    Umm, i really like this idea actually. Maybe someone will make a mod when game 3 is done and gone?
  • WalkaboutWalkabout Member Registered Users Posts: 2,869
    Hey man. I appreciate your effort in writing this up.
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  • GoatforceGoatforce Registered Users Posts: 8,386
    Good job with the write-up. I don't think this would be a faction in its own right though. However, if Nurgle gets his own army at some point in game 3 I would bet that it would be referenced, perhaps there might even be a unit or 2, but some followers or banners would be an almost certain inclusion in Nurgle's horde.
  • Michael4537Michael4537 Registered Users Posts: 2,377
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    OdTengri said:

    Umm.... Well this is sort of impressive.

  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 14,927
    And people say monogod would be only warriors of chaos.
    Furthermore, I consider that Daemon Prince must be removed.
  • obippoobippo Member Registered Users Posts: 2,686
    that would be very nice but sadly it's too 'specific'

    but I will welcome any kind of good quality cxontent and this looks neat :)))
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  • gholingholin Member Registered Users Posts: 1,389
    I'd buy this in a heartbeat.
  • Infinite_MawInfinite_Maw Registered Users Posts: 1,531
    Thanks for all the feedback. I tried to invent interesting units while at least giving serious reasons why the carnival would have certain roles and beasts in their day to day lifes and the reasons why they would field them on the battlefield.

    Anyway I haven't changed/updated the LL description, and I am not sure if I am going to add them until a day or two. Also I wanted to give a better lore description for the laughing jester riders, but again I am need to think of better lore for them as well.

    Carnival of Chaos Army Roster
  • Harkovast#1792Harkovast#1792 Registered Users Posts: 2,736
    Woudnt just a nurgle army be unique enough?
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