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i think a "legend of the five rings" total war should happen when warhammer is finished

warhydra1313warhydra1313 Registered Users Posts: 209
well,they can use a mix of tw3k and warhammer
TW3K: Banners,Retinues,Duels
Warhammer: Magic,Monsters

my idea in regards to retinues
each one is led by a character,tho one army IS led by the clan champion,each character has either unique units(lion beastmaster matriarch and her lions,unicorn war dog master) OR buffs for units(Hida and the stoic gunso),characters CAN duel others,but characters duelling is a key event in the battle,like say,if hida meets yoritomo in combat,their retinues will fight each other with increased fervor,so as to assist their general,if hida wins,his retinue's buffs get even larger,if yoritomo wins,hida's retinue loses morale and might flee OR fight to the death in vengeful fervor
each character can have a certain number of units in their retinue,say,5 or 4
in regards to families,a family member can have buffs for a unit from their family (hiruma kogoe and hiruma ambushers in his retinue gain,say,stalk,rather than hidden in terrain)

any other suggestions?
Team Shanyue,Team Xiongnu,Team Nanman,Team Jin,Team Daemons of Chaos,Team Dawi Zharr,Team Ogres,Team TEB,Team Araby,Team Vamp. Coast


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