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Curse of the Vampire Coast - Campaign Let's Play



  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Posts: 9,566Registered Users

    A new grudge has been added to the Great Book of Grudges! The Zhufbar 42 Pounders are the weakest level of ship bombardment, weaker than Sartosa Grapeshot and Norse Roar! It can not be tolerated that Dawi Craftsmanship is considered to be weaker than Umgi Umgak!


    Everyone knows Zhufbar has long since outsourced its production to some cheap halfling sweatshop in the Moot.
    which is in danger of being shut down because of the Zhufbarixt, which is base on the vote that they want to leave the "Old World union".
  • BrakierBrakier Posts: 1,520Registered Users
    CA_Whelan said:

    i think it was very well done =) <3<3<3<3<3

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