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Vampire Coast Fan-Art

doclumbagodoclumbago Posts: 1,122Registered Users
That VP add-on got me excited

Here´s some stuff I made up


  • doclumbagodoclumbago Posts: 1,122Registered Users
    edited November 2018

    Some alternative Mount for Cylostra.
    Found it kind of unfair that both Lady´s got Crabs
  • ReymReym Posts: 383Registered Users
    edited November 2018
    The turtle is just perfect. Great job overall.
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  • doclumbagodoclumbago Posts: 1,122Registered Users

    Haniver The Great Wight

    Haniver was one of the first Ship-Wights raised by Luthor Harkon before the Commodore shattered his mind
    in Huatl. The sudden blast severed Luthor´s connection to his minions but whereas most of the lesser crew crumbled,
    Haniver became a sentient being again. Dead set to not be enslaved again Haniver did not wait for Luthor to find his mind and set off to become his own man.

    Haniver ist still a Wight and therefor dependent on Necromantic energies to sustain his unlife.
    He has learned to suck the winds of magic out of Vampires & Necromancers, keeping them in
    chained coffins underneath his ship´s hull, a process that leaves them as dried husks over time.
    Ever in need of new sources, Haniver has become a hunter of hunters, the bane of the Vampire Coast.
  • MaksboMaksbo Posts: 223Registered Users
    Wow! You are incredibly talented, looks amazing. Really like your style
  • doclumbagodoclumbago Posts: 1,122Registered Users

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