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Rome 2 needs necessary Updates

tondar95tondar95 Registered Users Posts: 2
Greetings dear members

I need your support in comments to show total war group that some parts of games in units quality and quantity needs update

1)Suebi berserkers need to update in quantity per units into 160 men than 80 , cause in Empire divided campaign they did it in

other hand suebi forces are all weaker than Celtic and Gallic units weather in sword , cavalry , spears.

They have to have a perfect unit all around one .

2)odryssian kingdom or Thrace must have at least 2 other medium and heavy special spear units , they just have spear levy ,

they are so weak.

Thrace ppl were good with fighting in spears while total war just make them strong in melee .

I think medium Thrace spear unit must have medium Greek Armour , getae horn like helmet and medium crescent shield,

and heavy unit have bronze Armour instead Greek gambeson .

3)Parthian army was the best army in cavalry and archer unit in ancient history , but most expensive unit of cavalry which is

belong to them is royal cataphract and just have 65 moral and low defense , i think their moral should be 70 and parthians must

have Girvpanvar cataphract like sassainds in empire divided and Attila cause girvpanvar cataphracts belonged to Parthians first.

girvpanvar unit must have this force to defeat roman legions and hoplites by unit just like sassaind cataphracts in attila total war .

in empire divided they must let sassaind units defeat Syrian and roman legions .

4) And at the end I must add this comment that rome 2 must have some changes in infantry vulnerability of heavy infantry before heavy and super heavy cavalry.

Guys Im looking forward for your ideas and comments.

High regards

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