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The Aye Aye! Patch Notes

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Feeling salty? It’s time for the Aye-Aye Patch notes, which bring a plethora of balance changes to factions, Legendary Lords, and units along with numerous tweaks, fixes, and improvements to a great many areas of the game. Click here to find out more: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/the-aye-aye-patch-notes

New Free-LC content is also available in the shape of Legendary Lord Lokhir Fellheart, the Krakenlord. A Dark Elf of noble birth, he is a terror of the sea lanes and rightly feared for fielding many dread Black Arks. Fellheart can be downloaded from his own Steam page here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/835671

Curse of the Vampire Coast will be released at 3PM GMT on Thursday.


  • CarognaCarogna Posts: 285Registered Users
    edited November 2018
    Finally my fix of walls of text!

    Edit: the link is not working for me atm, why you do this to me? Showing a bone to a starving dog!
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    Finally !!
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  • FabiFabi Posts: 153Registered Users
    Feeling salty, haha well played
  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Posts: 5,321Registered Users
    Glad I was wrong about release day for the notes.
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  • Horus38Horus38 Posts: 923Registered Users
    Praise Sigmar!!
  • NemoxNemox Posts: 2,478Registered Users
    "Blessed Spawnings for Lizardmen now trigger as intended.
    Loyalty Dilemmas for Dark Elves now trigger. In some cases they may now trigger too often – we are currently balancing their frequency."

    Hopefully this works fully!
  • PeppisPeppis Junior Member Posts: 21Registered Users
    The link is not working...
  • StephinceStephince Posts: 2,366Registered Users
    Nemox said:

    "Blessed Spawnings for Lizardmen now trigger as intended.
    Loyalty Dilemmas for Dark Elves now trigger. In some cases they may now trigger too often – we are currently balancing their frequency."

    Hopefully this works fully!

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  • Otters007Otters007 Posts: 555Registered Users
    Peppis said:

    The link is not working...

    Not working for me either :(
  • StephinceStephince Posts: 2,366Registered Users
    I think we broke their server :(
  • LolTHELolLolTHELol Posts: 611Registered Users
    edited November 2018
    Sorry the link to patch notes is not working. Ironic :D
  • ArsenicArsenic Posts: 4,101Registered Users
    Give it half an hour. Patch notes always stop working five minutes after they're put up, I suppose too many people try and access them at once.

  • ReymReym Posts: 413Registered Users
    Same, it's not working (is it because everyone is rushing on it :D )
  • WyvaxWyvax Posts: 1,554Registered Users
    Otters007 said:

    Peppis said:

    The link is not working...

    Not working for me either :(
    Kinda glad that I'm not the only one.
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    As always. Link won't work.
  • Rochaid29Rochaid29 Senior Member Posts: 1,208Registered Users
    Fix yer link!
  • froloffrolof Posts: 289Registered Users
    Not working for me either
  • ArsenicArsenic Posts: 4,101Registered Users
    If you all can't wait, go over to the Reddit, and see what the people who managed to read it before it went down said.

    Apparently there's even been extra unit dialogue added.

  • WeisskreuzWeisskreuz Senior Member Posts: 695Registered Users
    Good sign not even the link works ;)
  • dchip1dchip1 Posts: 460Registered Users
    Link broke but I'm excited!
  • NemoxNemox Posts: 2,478Registered Users
    "Fixed an issue where Lothern Sea Guards shield’s kelp would not display correctly

    Lothern Sea Guards (Shields) should now correctly display on their backs when they are in missile mode"

    Long overdue on this one.

  • BiesBies Junior Member Posts: 1,483Registered Users
    dont work, AGAIN :#
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  • Arthas_MenethilArthas_Menethil Senior Member Posts: 4,780Registered Users
    Can someone who did get though post them all in spoiler tags?
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  • StephinceStephince Posts: 2,366Registered Users
    It's ok, the broken link will be fixed when the next DLC arrives.
  • ystyst Posts: 5,361Registered Users
    edited November 2018
    Yep as expected, same thing with the upcoming voast update, prolly delayed by 6 hrs or even...

    Seriously CA u knew voast update gonna be one hella mess, u got days to prepare. If u couldnt even do a patch notes right, imagine vamps update
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  • ArsenicArsenic Posts: 4,101Registered Users

    Can someone who did get though post them all in spoiler tags?

    I don't see why they need be spoilered.

    Interesting update for Boris Todbringer. He's not playable, but now has access to an Imperial Pegasus, Griffin, and his unique items in Campaign.

  • NemoxNemox Posts: 2,478Registered Users
    I'm on the page, but too much to put into one post so I can try and split it up.
  • Arthas_MenethilArthas_Menethil Senior Member Posts: 4,780Registered Users
    Arsenic said:

    Can someone who did get though post them all in spoiler tags?

    I don't see why they need be spoilered.

    Interesting update for Boris Todbringer. He's not playable, but now has access to an Imperial Pegasus, Griffin, and his unique items in Campaign.

    Just stops a whole wall of text I usually do it if I'm posting multiple images.
    So...the Light's vaunted justice has finally arrived. Shall I lay down Frostmourne and throw myself at your mercy, Fordring?

  • NemoxNemox Posts: 2,478Registered Users
    Campaign Changes
    Heinrich Kemmler Start Position Update
    Moved Heinrich Kemmler to Blackstone Post in Mortal Empire with new faction The Barrow Legion, removing him from the Vampire Counts faction
    Made Kemmler’s army immune to non-vampire territory attrition
    Made Blackstone Post capital of Northern Grey Mountains province in Mortal Empires
    Added base level of Vampiric Corruption to Northern Grey Mountains, Bastonne and Forest of Arden provinces
    Campaign Map Changes
    Added Heart of the Jungle province and Bowmen of Oreon AI faction to Mortal Empires campaign
    Added Land of the Dervishes province and Sudenburg AI faction to Mortal Empires campaign
    Adjusted other provinces and settlements to accommodate these changes
    Added Chupayotl settlement to the Headhunter’s Jungle province in Mortal Empires campaign (owned by Lokhir Fellheart)
    Added The Galleon’s Graveyard province to both Eye of the Vortex & Mortal Empires campaign
    Faction Select and Ordering Changes
    Re-ordered factions in the campaign faction select screen: base game factions shown first, followed by the newest DLC in order, or WH2 then WH1 factions
    Re-ordered factions in the Custom Battle faction select dropdown menu to match with campaign’s new ordering
    Re-ordered factions end-turn ordering, to match with the faction selection screen when starting a new campaign; playable factions go first, followed by minor factions, followed by other unique faction types
    Legendary Lord and Faction Bonus Changes
    High Elves

    +30 diplomacy with High Elf factions NEW
    -100% build time on Shrine of Khaine building chain NEW
    +3 recruit rank for Lothern Sea Guard NEW
    Dark Elves

    -50% upkeep for Heroes and Hero action costs (CHANGED FROM -50% hero action cost)
    -25% Construction cost for Sorcery buildings (moved from Lord to Faction effects)

    +13 MA during ambushes (moved from Faction to Lord effects)
    +13 MA after retreating (moved from Faction to Lord effects)
    +14 Charge Bonus Night Goblin Squig Hoppers NEW
    Vampire Counts

    Heinrich Kemmler
    Suitable climate mountains NEW
    +30 diplomacy Beastmen and Warriors of Chaos NEW
    -25% raise dead cost REMOVED
    -50% upkeep necromancers (UP FROM -25%)
    Helman Ghorst
    +30% Research (UP FROM+10%) – also moved to correct Faction effect position now)
    +3 Corpse cart recruit rank NEW
    +12 Corpse cart Charge Bonus NEW
    Poison Attacks (moved to correct Lord effect position now)
    Isabella Von Carstein
    +1 Blood Kiss on campaign start NEW
    Undying Love +15 MA and MD when Vlad and Isabella reinforce each other (moved from Faction to Lord effects)
    Mannfred Von Carstein
    +10% movement range (UP FROM+5%)
    +2 recruit rank Grave Guard and Black Knights (UP FROM+1)
    -15% upkeep Grave guard (UP FROM-10%)
    +1 Blood Kiss on campaign start NEW
    +30 WoM reserves NEW
    +10 leadership vs Men (UP FROM+5)
    Vlad Von Carstein
    +10% movement range (UP FROM +5%)
    +1 Blood Kiss on campaign start NEW
    +30 diplomacy with Arkhan the Black, all Vampire Counts and Vampire Coast factions NEW
    Undying Love: +15 MA and MD when Vlad and Isabella reinforce each other (moved from Faction to Lord effects)

    +15% Physical Resistance for Trolls (UP FROM +10%)
    -20% upkeep for Trolls (UP FROM -15%)
    -15% upkeep for Marauders (UP FROM -10%)
    +30% reinforcement range (UP FROM +20%)

    -1 recruitment time for cavalry NEW
    +25% income from trade (UP FROM +5%)
    +10 MD knights of the realm (UP FROM +5)
    Louen Leoncoeur
    +50% aura size all characters when attacking (UP FROM +25%)
    +8 MA vs enemies of The Lady NEW
    +12 Leadership vs enemies of The Lady NEW

    Balthasar Gelt
    -50% upkeep reduction battle wizards (UP FROM-25%)
    +2 wizard agent cap (UP FROM+1)
    -20% Winds of Magic cost NEW
    +10% artillery missile damage NEW
    Whiter grill, no less chill NEW
    Karl Franz
    +10% movement range (UP FROM+5%)
    -15% Reiksguard and Greatswords upkeep (UP FROM-10%)
    +30 diplomacy with Empire factions (UP FROM+10) – moved to correct Faction effects position now
    +8 Leadership (UP FROM+2)
    -30% upkeep Flagellants (UP FROM -15%)
    +20% ancillary drop chance (UP FROM+10%)
    +30% casualty replenishment Flagellants NEW
    +12% Physical Resistance Flagellants NEW
    +14 MD Flagellants NEW

    +10% Movement Range (UP FROM+5%)
    -15% upkeep Black Orcs (UP FROM-10%)
    +12 leadership Black Orcs (UP FROM+6)
    +10 Armour Black Orcs (UP FROM+5)
    +30% post-battle loot NEW
    +25% Sacking income (UP FROM+10%)
    +25% Research (UP FROM+10%)
    -1 Construction time (settlements) NEW
    -25% Construction cost (settlements) NEW
    +75% aura size (UP FROM+15%)
    -50% recruit cost Savage Orcs NEW

    -25% military recruitment building cost (UP FROM -10%)
    +3 recruit rank Hammerers (UP FROM+1)
    +30 diplomacy with Dwarfs NEW
    -15% upkeep Hammerers and Longbeards (UPFROM -10%)
    +75% aura size (UP FROM+15%)
    -50% Slayer recruitment cost (UP FROM -25%)
    -75% construction cost Slayer & Landmark Buildings NEW
    +10 MA Slayers (UP FROM +6)
    +30% casualty replenishment Slayers NEW
    -25% upkeep Slayers (moved from Faction effects)
    +10 leadership VS Skaven and Greenskins NEW
    +30% Tunnel evasion chance REMOVED
    +60% tunnel evasion chance (UP FROM+40%)
    +20% WS all units vs Elves NEW
    +10 army leadership NEW
    +50% reinforcement range (UP FROM (+30%)

    +10 Chaos Warrior leadership (UP FROM +5)
    -30% recruit cost Chaos Warriors (UP FROM -15%)
    -30 diplomacy with all faction (UP FROM -20)
    +50% Raze income (UP FROM+25%)
    +5% Ward Save for all units (CHANGED FROM Chaos Knights only physical resistance)
    Kholek Suneater
    +4 chaos corruption NEW
    -60% recruitment cost Dragon Ogres (UP FROM -50%)
    -30 upkeep dragon ogres (CHANGED FROM-30% recruit cost)
    +8% Speed Elven units REMOVED
    +15 Armour for Lords and embedded Heroes (UP FROM+10)
    +15 leadership VS Men (UP FROM+5)
    +3 Horde growth (UP FROM+1)
    -60% Marauder upkeep NEW
    +3 Marauder recruit rank NEW
    Wood Elves

    +10 Charge Bonus for Dryads, Tree Kin, Tree Men NEW
    -30% upkeep Dryads, Tree Kin, Tree Men NEW
    -15% upkeep for all cavalry CHANGED FROMjust Wildwood Riders -20% upkeep
    +8 Charge Bonus Wild Riders NEW
    +20% WS Wild Riders NEW

    +40% Raid bonus (UP FROM+10%)
    +10 Leadership vs Men (UP FROM+5)
    -30% upkeep Bestigors NEW
    +3 recruit rank Bestigors NEW
    -50% recruit cost Bestigors (UP FROM-30%)
    +2 Bray Shaman cap (UP FROM+1)
    +30 diplomacy with Beastmen factions (UP FROM+20)
    +2 horde growth NEW
    +3 Bray Shaman recruit rank (UP FROM+1)
    -8% enemy replenishment (local province) NEW
    -8 enemy leadership (local province) NEW
    +30% upkeep Minotaurs (DOWN FROM+40%)
    -30% Spawn upkeep (DOWN FROM-40%)
    +3 Chaos Corruption spread (UP FROM+2)
    +12% Chaos territory attrition (UP FROM+8%)
    +8 spawn MD NEW
    +20% missile resistance for Spawn NEW
    Vampire Count Changes
    Vampire Count Heroes
    Moved Wight King to level 2 Binding Circle building chain from level 3
    Added +2 Wight King Hero rank to level 3 Binding Circle building chain
    Added ability to recruit Necromancer Heroes to level 2 Boneyard building chain
    Added +1 Necromancer Hero rank to level 3 Boneyard building chain
    Added +2 Necromancer Hero rank to level 4 Necromancy building chain
    Vampire Count Mounts
    Reduced all Nightmare and Barded Nightmare mounts to be unlocked at level 5
    Reduced all Hellsteed mounts to be unlocked at level 10
    Reduced all Zombie Dragon mount to be unlocked at level 20
    Reduced all Corpse Cart mounts to be unlocked at level 10
    Reduced all Corpse Cart (Balefire) mounts to be unlocked at level 13
    Reduced all Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone) mounts to be unlocked at level 16
    Heinrich Kemmler can now unlock Barded Nightmare mount
    Vampire Count Techs
    Added 3 new techs:
    Rotten Flesh
    The Ravenous Dead – Includes new ability “The Ravenous Dead”
    Unnatural Strength
    Added effects to all four initial branching techs
    The Book of Arkhan
    Liber Necronomica
    De Noirot’s Blasphemous Bestiary
    The Lahmian Book of Blood
    Reworked, reduced research time and reordered numerous techs relating to Zombies and Skeletons within the Book of Arkhan tech branch
    Increased Enshrine Ancient Lords attrition bonus to 30%
    General Campaign Changes and Fixes
    Blessed Spawnings for Lizardmen now trigger as intended.
    Loyalty Dilemmas for Dark Elves now trigger. In some cases they may now trigger too often – we are currently balancing their frequency.
    Fixed several rare end-turn crashes
    Fixed a rare instance where the player could end turn before the campaign flyover had finished resulting in a crash
    The Tier 3 and Tier 4 Dark Elf entertainment buildings can now be constructed by those who do not own The Queen and The Crone
    Fortress Games, Skavenblight, Hell Pit and Occupied Elven Colonies can now be upgraded by those who do not own Tomb Kings
    Sisters of Slaughter are now recruited from Tier 3 Halls of Ravaging
    Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Spearmen are now available to recruit from the Infantry Level 1 building Open Graves
    Lords will now correctly be removed from the army when wounded by attrition
    Fixed various instances of lines in diplomacy being delivered without consideration for the character’s gender
    Fixed a rare instance where ambushes could be discovered when armies were not near the ambush
    Thorgrim’s Grudge Against Undead skill now also applies to Tomb Kings
    The overcast version of Command of the Unliving has been added to campaign
    Fixed all engage_force_army_invading mission conditions so they will now trigger
    Fixed Hellebron’s early game mission to upgrade Har Ganeth to point at the correct region
    Fixed Alarielle’s early game mission to upgrade Gaean Vale with the correct building requirements
    Boris Todbringer now has access to Imperial Pegasus and Imperial Griffon mounts in campaign
    Boris Todbringer now has Middenland Runefang & White Cloak of Ulric as starting campaign magic items
    Moved Clan Eshin faction leader to Axlotl from Marks of the Old Ones settlement in Mortal Empires campaign
    Clan Eshin now has control of Axlotl settlement from the start of the Mortal Empires campaign
    Reduced the initial army strength of the Southern Sentinels in the Vortex campaign
    Skeggi’s landmark building can once again be constructed
    High Elf wood resource buildings now also affect Shadow Warriors and Sisters of Avelorn
    Dark Elf pasture resource buildings now also affect Doomfire Warlocks
    Dark Elf medicine resource buildings now also affect Sisters of Slaughter
    Bretonnia can now construct their own variant of the Archecclesiatium of Myrmidia
    The Archecclesiatium of Myrmidia now gives more corruption reduction and public order
    The Couronne Tournament Grounds income is no longer affected by Farm buildings
    The Tower of Hoeth correctly applies its bonuses to Swordmasters and Battle Wizards now
    The Dark Elf ‘Daylight Denied’ technology now affects the income of the correct buildings
    The Dark Elf ‘Harnessed Fury’ technology now also affects Kharibdyss units
    The Dark Elf ‘Hardship & Cruelty’ and ‘Masters of Murder’ technologies now also affect Doomfire Warlock units
    Various High Elf technologies now also affect Sisters of Avelorn and Shadow Warriors
    The Vampire ‘Decipher Nehekhara Manuscripts’ and ‘Incantations of Nagash’ now properly increase the income of the associated buildings
    The Vampire ‘Vampiric Revivification’ and ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ no longer incorrectly affect Blood Knights
    Altdorf now has a proper garrison when occupied by Dwarfs or Greenskins
    The Pyramid of Nagash now has a proper garrison when occupied by Skaven, Lizardmen or Dark Elves
    Increased priority of High Elf Dragon Princes, Bolt Throwers and Chariots in garrisons
    Fixed Wulfrik’s innate reinforcement range bonus being applied twice
    Fixed some Norsca events using Chaos event pictures instead of Norsca specific ones
    Fixed a number of effects that were not applying to the correct unit rank restrictions
    Fixed army upkeep penalty not showing for Norsca
    Fixed Dark Elf Sorceress (Beasts) Hero using Lord magic skills
    Fixed Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress (Death) Lord using Hero magic skills
    Fixed Tomb Kings Tahoth rite not applying unit recruitment rank bonus in local recruitment
    Fixed Alarielle’s Spiritual Defender applying melee defence instead of melee attack to Sisters of Avelorn units
    Fixed Warriors of Chaos quests not triggering if the advisor was not available
    Fixed the Dark Elf Assassin ‘Shroud of Darkness’ skill not reducing vigour loss correctly
    Fixed the Handmaiden’s ‘Resistant’ trait not applying its effects properly
    Fixed Avelorn Treemen/Dryads/Treekin and Shadow Walkers recruitment issues
    Fixed Strigoi Terrorgheist mount transferring issue
    Fixed missing Immortality skill on Norsca Marauder Chieftains
    Fixed missing attrition immunity for some Norsca units
    Changed sacking bonus to razing bonus in the Eye Opens Wider dilemma for Warriors of Chaos
    Changed Heinrich Kemmler’s Chaos Tomb Blade effects, removing the Skeleton Warriors upkeep reduction and replacing it with Chaos attrition immunity
    Fixed Norsca ritual armies being able to occupy settlements
    Fixed a rare soft lock where Alarielle’s Star of Avelorn quest would not start if she had been confederated
    Brayherds and Waaaghs no longer feature Lords and Heroes as regular units
    Fixed a rare case where the player could not declare war on the Crooked Moon Mutinous Gits faction if they had re-emerged
    Fixed Kholek’s unique skill and quest item not applying replenishment bonus correctly
    Fixed Tree Spirit building chain not appearing in Crag Halls of Findol
    Fixed Forest Spirit building chain not appearing in Wydrioth
    Fixed Slayer shrine tier 5 having lower untainted effect than tier 4 building
    Fixed inconsistent population requirements for Wood Elf settlements, Savage Orc minor settlements, and Savage Orc and Norscan occupied settlements (Black Crag, Karak Eight Peaks, Karaz-a-Karak)
    Fixed Norsca technologies granting immortality to all characters (including garrison commanders) rather than distinguishing between Lords and Heroes
    Fixed Wurrzag’s Squiggly Beast stage 2 mission not accepting other Night Goblin variants
    Fixed a number of minor settlements having more than 4 building slots
    Fixed Wood Elf technology ‘Lileath, the Maiden’ not applying magic resistance to all units
    Reinstated upgraded version of Command of the Living for Strigoi Ghoul Kings
    Unit stats now show context bonuses (e.g. improved Melee Attack when fighting against Bretonnia) when appropriate on the pre-battle screen in campaign
    The Rite of Sotek can now be unlocked by winning defensive ambush battles
    Fixed inconsistencies in Bretonnian Warhorse mount naming
    Fixed Grombrindal’s Cloak of Valaya quest battle pre-battle screen not showing any enemy units
    Fixed Morathi’s quest chain getting stuck on an incompatible rite if she had been confederated into Crone Hellebron’s faction
    Frosty Beginnings mission should no longer trigger for Crone Hellebron is she is at war with the faction
    Fixed Norsca not being able to occupy settlements that were added in recent patches
    Phrase ‘Pirate Booty’ now freely interchangeable with ‘Pirate Dooty’
    Fixed an issue where loading an autosave after confederating as Norsca on legendary difficulty would not save the confederation
    Fixed an instance in the event feed where Brayherds could be referred to as Waaaghs
    Dark Elves now receive event messages when a Black Ark building is constructed or demolished
    Morghur’s Stave of Ruinous Corruption quest will now correctly proceed when the quest is aborted as a result of the Greenskins faction being destroyed
    As Warriors of Chaos, awakening a tribe in a region that was under rebellion no longer produces amalgamations of unimaginable horror
    Adjusted Campaigner trait so that it will no longer trigger when close to the faction capital
    Vlad’s Blood Drinker quest stage two has been changed to defeat an Empire army
    Dwarf campaigns will no longer start with -36 public order in their home province
    Changed the skill ‘Renowned & Feared’ to be gender-neutral so that it makes sense in both male and female characters’ skill trees
    Clicking on the resources in the Mortuary Cult to zoom to the nearest one should now work correctly for all resources
    Norscan garrison leaders can no longer be wounded and subsequently return from duty
    The second and third tier slave building chain for Norsca now correctly give bonuses to sacking
    The Norscan tech ‘Longer Hulls’ will now correctly give 10% bonus to sacking
    Players can no longer declare war on their own Blood Voyage
    Shadow Walkers and Shadow Warriors will no longer gain the 10% missile resistance of Favourable Winds prior to rank 7
    Skaven factions are no longer invisible to the player after being vassalised
    Alith Anar will no longer trigger an advisor message about Dark Elves when none are present
    The advisor now correctly shows for Vlad and Isabella
    The advisor will no longer incorrectly trigger when playing as Skaven informing the player of technologies being available when there are none
    The faction summary for Naggarond will now show the correct faction symbol when referencing Exiles of Nehek
    Fixed an issue with Kislev names not displaying properly
    Added a tooltip to the Toggle Notification options on Lords and Heroes to clarify the functionality better
    The tooltip for amber will no longer advise the player to demolish buildings to regain amber when the only buildings that require amber cannot be demolished
    Tooltips will no longer stay stuck on screen when turning a locked overlay on and exiting the overlay screen
    The Skaven mission Evil Knsqueevel will now ask the player to recruit a Doomwheel rather than a Chariot
    Fimir Balefiend skill Power Drain has been renamed Magical Reserves to better reflect its functionality
    Fixed a typo in Alith Anar’s Spectre skill
    Fixed a typo in Arkhan the Black’s flyover
    Fixed a typo in Tyrion’s Dragon Armour of Anarion quest battle event message
    Fixed a typo in Vlad von Carstein’s Blood drinker quest chain
    Fixed a typo with the magical item Pigeon Plucker Pendant
    Fixed edge-cases in AI vs AI autoresolver which favoured one side too much
    Fixed a typo on the Pearl of Infinite Darkness
    AI is now far less likely to construct two of the same building in the same province
    Port settlements will now show a port icon on the city info bar
    Vampiric Corruption will no longer overlap in the tooltip at certain percentages
    Kilhar the Tormentor will no longer stand in a T-pose on the campaign map
    Fixed a typo in the Forbidden Library flavour text
    Norscan long-term victory message should be more relevant to the faction now
    Fixed typos in Lucky Skullhelm’s flavour text
    Confederating as Norsca by defeating a faction lord will no longer results in the incorrect even message from being displayed
    Fixed a typo in the Gathering of Might skill tooltip
    Fixed an anomaly with the autoresolve bar display resetting in strength when adding more units
    Added income to Bretonnian settlements
    The button to disband the lord in the Character Details panel is now greyed out for Legendary Lords
    Fixed an issue where Malagor’s entire army could be lost if he was wounded
    Gor Grazen will no longer load the Shrine of Khaine battle from campaign
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