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TW Said let us know what you want for Throne's update

thresh25thresh25 Junior MemberPosts: 34Registered Users

(Spoiler alert I believe the fame victory needs a change for multiplayer)

TW said in a post recently that they would be updating Thrones again and asked what we would like to see. I have one request to what I feel is a pretty solid game. This one issue in the game however, has made it virtually unplayable. 90% of TW for me is an online campaign with a childhood friend. We have racked up close to 2000 hours dating back to Shogun 2. It's the way we stay in touch since we don't live near each other anymore.

Unfortunately we cannot play a thrones campaign due to the fame victory. We like to play long campaigns where normally we start with on okay terms and they deteriorate until all out war. Thrones' fame mechanic ruins this ability however, as by the time you have fended off Vikings and have expanded, one person is near the fame victory.

There are a few fixes for this.

1) Change the multiplayer victory mechanics to where you have to conquer the other person
2) Add a selection for multiple types of victory conditions so we can choose
3) Add the ability to continue playing after a fame victory.

I spoke with a coding friend, and he indicated that these fixes would be fairly easy, and even though it is something that could be modded.

Please CA, add this to the game so that it is completely fixed! It is no wonder there are almost never any multiplayer campaigns happening in thrones.



  • thresh25thresh25 Junior Member Posts: 34Registered Users
    I cannot be the only one that wants this fixed am I???
  • FossowayFossoway Posts: 1,571Registered Users
    thresh25 said:

    I cannot be the only one that wants this fixed am I???

    Well, there's not much for us to add. Most of us don't play multiplayer campaign, and those who do are not always posting on the forum. This does sound annoying though. There's a specific topic for suggestions, but you already posted there. I'm sure the devs already read your post, if that reassures you.
  • thresh25thresh25 Junior Member Posts: 34Registered Users
    I guess that reassures me, lol. I was hoping there would be more community support and agreement on this so that they’d have to fix it.
  • myselfnapoleonmyselfnapoleon Senior Member Posts: 440Registered Users
    I posted a very similar suggestion in the official post where CA asks for feedback. It's the second or third reply. I totally agree with you. Fame victory is really disappointing in an otherwise great game. I like all your alternative victory conditions. I hope one of them gets implemented for the victory conditions.
  • sunshinetroopersunshinetrooper Posts: 57Registered Users
    edited December 2018
    Please put in a supplies mechanic for navies as the current cheese of having a faction on the other side of the UK declare war on you and spend 15 turns sailing two 20 stacks without any penalties is sickening. Obviously the viking factions shouldn't be as afflicted by sea supplies.
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